Legs And Fingers Holding On

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"I thought you would forget about me." Patrick smiled as I approached him by the schools main office.

"I wouldn't forget my boyfriend, why would you think I would?" I asked sort of concerned.

"I don't know, I'm just one of those people that other people like to forget about, maybe its the face." He shrugged.

"You know what I think?" I spun around and faced him as I walked backwards to the exit of the school.


"I think someday everyone will remember you." I said making him smile.

"Not me, Pete maybe, but not me."

"Pete's not that great, even though he thinks he is. The greatest people don't know they're great."

"So you then, you're pretty great." He said and grabbed both of my arms as I began to fall before I even knew I tripped. Patrick's lips pursed to either keep me from seeing him laugh at me or to keep from bursting out laughing.

"Yeah, because falling and awkwardness is definitely a sign of greatness." I said sarcastically.

"You should see me, I have the worst luck all the time. It's so bad sometimes it could even classify in some cases as extreme irony. I know better than to ask myself if it can get any worse."

"I haven't seen it." I said now walking beside him.

"It hasn't really happened since I met you, I know it sounds crazy but I think your good luck or something." He said as our hands brushed against each other. I just said to hell with it and grabbed his hand making him blush. We held hands until we got into our cars and he followed me to Kevin's house.

Patrick parked behind me in the road in front of the house. He insisted on carrying my baby blue Fender and my acoustic guitar in. I knocked and Kevin let us in and looked at Patrick a moment but didn't say anything. Kevin led us into the basement where the other guys looked at Patrick too.

"Guys, this is my boyfriend Patrick he's here to possibly help me out, or moral support or whatever he wants to be here for."

"But this is kind of our first practice and were being judged by the singer of fall out boy?" Blake said.

"I'm not judging I swear." Patrick said obviously embarrassed.

"Quiet Blake." Nate said harshly. "He could be good here, maybe some help, we could use it."

"It's my house and I say he stays Blake. I would put ductape on my head if it would make Paige feel more comfortable here." Kevin said making us all look at him funny.

"Plus are you really going to disrespect someone from fall out boy?" Nate said.

"I'm not really that great actually, but thank you." Patrick said still red in the face.

"Now that we've thoroughly done all we can to embarrass Patrick, can we get down to business?" I asked with a smirk as I dug in my backpack that I had brought in with me and pulled out some papers.

"I brought some new music in case you guys didn't like the two songs I played for you yesterday." I said

"Actually I worked on some drums for 'the sea' Blake said finally saying something useful.

"We can do that but you have to show me how the main guitar goes again." Kevin said. "I'll plug you in" Kevin said holding out his hand for me to throw him the other end of my amp chord and the other end I plugged into my Fender and pulled a pick out of my pocket and began to play the beginning of the song on loop while Kevin watched I continued on as he watched me Blake began to join in on drums we just keep looping the song over and over with out vocals. When Kevin got the hang of his guitar parts I began to play mine. Nate tried a few different things on bass Kevin would stop every once in a while to write down his chords bit Nate just couldn't get it down. Kevin nodded for me to begin singing.

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