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There it was. It was the most intimidating thing any person could imagine, whether you wanted it or not. My only fear was what he would say...what he would do. 

It was tiny, pink, and mathematical in a sense. That tiny, pink plus sealed my fate with Vic forever no matter if we were going to stay together forever or not. He always talks marriage, but never puts his foot down. It's a musician thing I guess.

I took deep breaths as I walked into the living room. I heard Vic just walk in the door. He had a smile on his face and a guitar on his back.

"Hey, baby." He smiled at me, shutting the door behind him.

"Hey." I said nervously, slipping the test in my pocket with the tip I just used sticking out.

"You okay?" He gave me a funny look.

"Yeah, fine." I nodded, coming closer to him, covering the test with my shirt. "What would you like for dinner? I'll cook anything." I smiled.

"Wow, overly generous tonight, are we?" He giggled. "In that case, anything spicy. You know I like it hot."

"For you sure." I giggled, going to the kitchen. Pregnant women shouldn't have spicy things...that'll stir up a good conversation piece.

Vic watched television, scrolling through his busy social media as I cooked him dinner. It smelled like the country of Mexico by the time I was done. We settled on the couch together, our dining set unused. We didn't have a big enough family to use it...yet.

"You aren't eating Mexican, too?" He questioned. There it was, just as I predicted.

"It's unhealthy for me right now." I didn't want to give away too much at a time.

"Why do you say that? You love Mexican!" He winked at me, aggressively chewing his food.

"I...I have something to tell you." I put down my fork. The tension in the room tightened it's grip. 

"Yeah?" He was worried. "Please don't tell me you have something or did something against the law." He squeezed his eyes shut.

"Vic, I'm pregnant." I just spilled it.

"Is it mine?" He gave me a quirky look. 

"Yes, yours!" I playfully punched him. He giggled back.

"I'm really fucking excited. I don't know about you, but I am genuinely fucking excited." He gave me a tired look. "I'm gonna' spoil the shit out of you and our baby."

"Really?" I blushed.

"Really." He nodded. "You're willing to carry my child and deal with me for life, you deserve it." He winked. "I'm really tired, but I guarantee I'll be bouncing off the walls tomorrow."

"I can hear the groggy in your voice." I giggled. I was just happy he was taking it well. "I saved the test." I pulled it out of my pocket.

"Wow. There it is." He stared at it in my hand. "That's legit."

"That's legit." I confirmed.

"I love you." He pecked me quickly.

"I love you, too." I picked my fork back up. "Eating for two!" I said cheerfully.

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