Everyday's 419

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Every single one of us was born as a pure soul

Everybody, you and me included

The soul within us, indeed, is innocent

Unfortunately we were born into a chaotic world

As the time flied away we become something else

A monster, consummed by greed and lust

You sweetheart... is an empty shell, so let me in

Let me fill the empty place in your heart and your mind

Don't be afraid.

I know people taught you to be afraid of me

But in fact, those people who taught you so evidently act so friendly toward me

Come on little one, come and join me in this playful game

Yes, like that, right little one

Those eyes change  at least, not so bright anymore

Dim, dim, dim and die

In this messy ground, at this worst age, how come you can hold onto your innocence

No you can't my sweetheart

Your innocent soul has been murdered

I wrapped it with porcupine's skin and buried them under the deepest ocean along with mine

Where they can lie forever, rest in misery for eternity

I am the perpetrator, yes... I am

Who am I you ask?

I've known for so many names

Some of them you're familiar with

Satan, Demon, Evil, Child of the night

Pick one sweetheart

You can also consider myself as a monster lurking out of the darkness

Trying to convince you to join me

Yeah...Me, you, together

Oh, what's with the expression?

Don't be so mean sweetheart

Don't be mad at me, it's God's order

To get you on the bad side

God makes me see with my own eyes

The best part and the worst part of you

I witnessed it for along time because I came along from the time this world was created

Since it's still a green and blue and peaceful

Until it turns out to be the rotten one

I can't fool myself

I've envied you since the first I saw you and I hate you for make me who I am now

So I want to make you suffer as well as me

But, you know what the funny thing is

I'm also falling in love with you

But I have to kill the thing that makes me love you

Goodbye my enemy, my love

The soul of an innocence lttle one

I will cherish the memory of you

An old poet once said

Thyshelf away art present still with me

For thou not farther than my thought canst move

And I am still with them, and they with thee

Or if they sleep

Thy picture in my sight awakes my heart to heart's and eyes delight.

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