Chapter One: Falling Awake

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Sometimes life isn't all cracked up to what its supposed to be. Or atleast, thats how I feel now. I have everything... A job, friends, family, a life... Everything... but, why am I not happy? Am I missing something? I can't keep studying at this rate... My brain just trails off to any thought that pops in my head.

I cleared my throat, skimming over the chapter I was assigned to read. Each word I read became more and more dyslexic and foreign to my mind, and soon my brain trailed off to a new place. 

I wonder what was going on in the court today... Everyone was walking around like zombies. It was like they were in a trance. Oh, hey, what about the dorms... I saw a couple of people like that there too. They must be even mroe bored than I am... Heh, wait... Wasn't I reading? Eh, fuck it.

I sighed, slamming the book shut. 

"Can't focus?"

"No. I can't." I offered my friend, Lucas, a friendly and exhausted smile. He returned it and offered a cup of coffee to me. I sighed in relief and accepted it gratefully.

"Thanks. It's getting harder and harder for me to study recently, and I don't know why. I can't keep myself awake long enough..." I sighed, closing my eyes and rubbing them until they were no logner dry.

Am I really missing something? Is that what is bothering my work?

"Eh, I don't see any change. You're still the normal, Ellie, I hung out with since we were kids." He playfully jabbed my shoulder and I giggled. We always used to play when we were little, and whenever he tried to take my mind off something, he would give me a quick hit to the shoulder and tell me everything was the same as always. Lucas, was always like that, cheering me up and taking my mind off of depressing topics. 

"You're a goof," I joked, sticking my tongue out, "c'mon. It's getting pretty late. We should head back to our apartments." I stood up and took a sip of my coffee. He grabbed my textbook and pushed my chair in like a gentleman, then took the lead. As always, I followed behind him, using him like a shield to protect myself from the world... I loved him like a brother... In fact, he was always my brother since the day we met.

Lucas was the type of guy you would fall in love with even after only a day with him. He just had this insanely endearing and charming personality that swept even men off their feet. Most people would try and find the bad in him, but it just isn't possible. He's simply a great guy, a true brother to me. The best way to describe him is the usual perfect guy you would expect to see in the movies, but never actually meet.

"So, you going to the party tomorrow?"

"Eh, what?" I asked, trying to clear my mind of the recent thoughts that clouded it.

"The party. Tomorrow. Was wondering if you wanted to go. I didn't want to go, but if you would like, I could escort you?" He grinned.

"What kind of party, Lucas? Now that I think about it... I honestly can't keep skipping study days, i'm going to fail at this rate." I groaned. He chuckled in response to my groaning. I shot him a joking glare and he furrowed his eyebrows.

"You worry so much about grades. I guess that's always been you though, El," he turned to face me and walked backwards while maintaining eye contact, "the party i'm talking about is Jane's Blacklight Grafitti party."

"What's a 'Blacklight Grafitti party'?" I asked, taking another sip of my coffee.

"Oh, you don't know? Alright, well it's where everyone wears white shirts and we all get to scribble random stuff all over eachother. Then we can see it under UV lights." He shrugged, "I thought it would be a great way to get you to meet your dream guy, ya know. Walk up to a cute guy and ask him if you could write on his shirt, chat him up." He wiggled his eyebrows in a suggestive manner and grinned.

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