Reika's POV 

It was silent for the next minute or so. I still found the situation hard to comprehend. Atsuko.... she... did she seriously just save me? From suffocating of all things? Jeez.... bloody hell. What have I been reduced to? heh, some ninja I am.

I bet Kiba's gonna flip when he hears about this. Agh Hell, Kiba. Did he get back yet?

Quickly making a glance over the area I saw no sign on the dog boy, which sent a strange sense of relief through my body as I slouched into the grass under me. Continually keeping up the steady breaths, trying to wrack my brain as to why I stopped breathing in the first place.....

Alright so, yesterday was an emotional mess. I get that. business as usual. Whatever.

I being in the emotional wreck that I was ended up confessing that I was coming around and fell asleep in his arms (Again)

Stupid? Yes.

Anything I can do about that now? No.

Why dwell on it? Move on.

Woke up to find Atsuko and I were alone. Started to ponder about things and then..... then what?

Agh, what the hell?

Next thing I know, Atsuko was shaking me back into reality and I started gasping for air because I had apparently stopped breathing. 

How in Da'Hell does someone not realize when their not breathing?

...............I am such a...............

Ugh. Idiot. That's what I am, a big f*cking idiot who can't even keep her thoughts straight enough to remember what it was that caused this sudden episode!!!! Jeez. Bloody Hell.

Shaking the thoughts away, I looked back up to see Atsuko's expression changed again and she was looking at me with those freakishly doe-like brown eyes as if she were looking at a bird whose just noticed it has a broken wing or something.

Why is she looking at me like that?

I want her to stop it, its freaking me out.

What happened to all those annoying snark comments about how useless of a ninja I am? or how about that she's now superior because she managed to save my life by some random stroke of luck?

And all those damned comments I've become so accustomed to over the years.

What happened to those? I don't get it. 

Where'd that self-importaint ego of her's gone to? It doesn't seem right. In fact at the moment it feels downright unnatural. 

She's being so quiet. Her eyes borring into mine as if she were trying to figure out something, as if she were digging to see something that's been carefully buried inside of me. Its freaky.

Ugh.... my head is still spinning...... I can't think about these things right now

Groaning in discomfort, I lowered my head into my hands, pinching the bridge of my nose. Continuing breathing normally again.

I felt something touch my head and instantly looked up to see Atsuko kneeling in front of me, still with those eyes on me, I noticed that it was in fact her hand that was now casually touching me as if it were natural, being familiar as if it happened often, as if we were old friends....

What the hell?

"Atsuko? ...... what---"

"I'm sorry"

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