Ch. 17 Spring Break

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It was getting closer to the end of the year and I was finally coming into relation with my self I was sorta getting more confidence and I was proud of it.

"Becky hurry up we have an hour to get there." I heard Kiara yell at me from outside the door.

"If you don't hurry now were leaving without you." Kristien said.

I walked out with my bag and got in the car, we were on are way for a spring break spectacular a little beach in Sandyshore where are "posse" was gonna hang and swim. this time though we weren't going to drink as much.

"And we're here." Kristien screamed putting the car in park.

"Wow that was quick." I thought to myself.

We gathered are stuff and met everyone at are beach cabin.

"Now this time these three bitches are late." Caitlyn said laughing.

Caitlyn actually surprisingly was now sorta becoming my friend this year which was great.

"Yeah I know but hey let's get this party started." Kristien said running to the beach house.

After we finished putting are stuff away and getting settled in we went to the beach some were surfing, others were swimming and splashing each other, while me and some other people were tanning.

"This is the life." Rebecca said.

Rebecca was kind of irrelevant to are group at first but when she was dating Jonsey people loved her and after they broke up we all still wanted her in are group mainly Jude.

"I know tanning is so calming and soothing." I said fixing my sunglasses.

"I could get used to this kinda life." Carrie said while drinking some juice.

This was the life I wanted to make this spring break the best considering it was are senior year and after this majority of us won't see each other anymore I wanted to make the memories and moments last.


I was loving this besides seeing some of these hot guys and there bodies I mean look at Sims he was fucking ripped. I was with Wyatt though and nothing was going to tear us apart we both actually decided to stay behind and just chill and hang out.

"Marie I think we should break up." I heard Wyatt say from behind me.

I turned away from the window to face him.

"Why? Is there somebody else?" I asked trying not to cry.

"No it's just that I feel like me and you aren't really connecting that well and it's probably for the best if we break up." he said avoiding eye contact with me. "I think I'm gonna go with the guys to the beach now." then he walked off out of the beach house.

I was alone. I didn't have a boyfriend anymore what the fuck was wrong with me did I do something wrong? Did my boobs look lopsided? Whatever it was I had to get over it and hurry and find a new man fast because prom was coming up and everyone knew that prom is what counted more than any other school dance.

Not only was I the hottest girl here but I was also really rich and what guy would not like a hot rich bitch.

"Rebecca were going inside real quick we'll be right back." I heard Becky say then walking away.

I was alone which I didn't mind I could look at Jude without no worry so this was perfect.

"Hey Rebecca." Lindsey said walking over to me.

"Oh hey Linds what's going on?" I replied back not really caring.

Lindsey was that typical dumb blonde who just had big boobs which made her popular.

"I just thought that maybe me and you should talk." Lindsey asked.

I was a little taken back by her words, what did she want to talk about to me?

"Uh sure I guess what do you want?" I said slightly irritated.

"I would appreciate it if you would leave Jude alone. She replied back putting her hands on her hips.
I wanted to laugh in her face because she was a joke, but I didn't I kept calm.
"My apologies Lindsey." I said trying to act sympathetic.
She walked away looking a little irritated which i didn't care no one told me who I should and shouldn't talk to. She wanted to play a game she couldn't win because I'm the champion at stealing boys

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