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I'm here in school cafateria with Dave,Philip suppose to be with us but because he's that chic magnet he choose to be with her flings somewhere else.

"Dude tapos ka na sa thesis kay Mr.Labuhok?" tanong ni Dave and I nodded He looked at me in disbelief I raised my brow and asked him"What's with the face dude? I questioned him"Ikaw na talaga bro!"puri niya"Patulong naman!" dagdag pa niya sabay akbay saken"Do it yourself dude" I muttered and take his arm off me"wag kasi puro date"wika ko"Ang bitter mo Niel! Di kapa kasi mag girl friend ulit eh!" he exclaimed"and I never will" I added and take a sip of milk tea"Hi Dave! Hi Niel! Leigh is infront of us"Hi,we both said in unison."c'mon join us here Leigh"anyaya ni Dave"Ay wait, I have someone to introduce you guys"ani Leigh at may tinawag sa di kalayuan"Jas!" tawag niya sa babaeng papalapit samin,It's weird why my heart beats fast.

"Here she is" ani Leigh sabay akbay sa babaeng kasama niya"Dave,Daniel this is Blue Jasmine Clemente "Hi" she greeted us and extended her hands Dave shook hands with her and I didn't,I remember that girl! she's the one who kissed me at the bar! I arched my brow on her"Bakit ganyan ka makatingin Penduko? aniya ng nakataas din ang kilay at nakahalukipkip"What did you just call me Miss?"I seethed with gritted teeth she just gave me an evil smirked"Sabi ko bakit ganyan mo akong tingnan PENDUKO?"she repeated I glared at her and stoop up "Dude chill lang" Dave told me smiling "Wag paganahin ang pag ka hot-headed Dany boy"Leigh added but That doesn't stop me to get my things and walked away.

I'm near in the exit of cafeteria when I heard her call me once again"Nice meeting you PENDUKO!" I didn't bother turn my back and look at her shame on me! What the hell did that girl thinking!? PENDUKO!? who the hell is penduko!? I asked myself


It's saturday afternoon and I'm here in her tomb again, I'm spending weekends in here with her.I badly miss Hya we spent every weekends together before,my two years with her is the high light of my life I might say the best part of my life,My favorite person left me with such a wonderful memories that would never be forgotten.

I placed a boquet of tulips and lighten a candle"My Love, I Love you, I can't wait to see you again,"I smiled at the idea seeing her again,to be with her forever"When time comes that I'm able to be with you again? I promised to never let go of you,I'll hold you tight so tight that you can't escape from me anymore" I uttered "mahal na mahal kita Hya mahal na mahal" I whispered at pinunasan ang gilid ng mga mata ko"nga pala Love I met a girl she's really annoying the hell out me last day" I paused "she even called me penduko" I chuckled"Kilala mo ba yun Mahal?" I smiled at my questioned"Hya Love uuwi na muna ko ha? I'll visit you again I Love you"I said and stoop up then walked away.


"Blue! wait!" tawag ni kuya Red Blue's my first name and my family use to call me Blue.Red Mercel Clemente's my annoying brother he's year older than me thank God dalawa lang kaming magkapatid paano nalang kung walo kame? edi nakumpleto ang kulay ng RAINBOW?"Ano ba naman kuya?!" reklamo ko"I'm in a hurry! late nako sa first class ko!"I reasoned out"Eto namang maganda kong kapatid oh" pang uuto niya at inakbayan pa ako"oh stop the fake compliment of yours and spill it out!"I said agrily he then smirked"Okay pwede bang ibigay mo ito kay Moureen?"He handed me a rose and a chocolate ferrero to be specific Moureen Guillermo his long time girl friend I looked at it and asked him"Why don't you?" he sighed"Well baby sis your handsome kuya we'll have dinner with my alma matters later kaya di ako makakadaan sa school nyo"paluwanag niya"Okay" I said ang get the stuff "Thankyou!"pahabol pa niya tinaas ku lang ang kamay ko went outside the house.

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