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Scenario #1

My first scenario is with me and a boy, not a girl sorry!

and start!! 

Me and the boy will be going back to his house after an amazing date/hangout session, when he takes me to the backyard and i spot a rusty old car in the middle of the yard, i ask him "whats that doing here?" he would look at it then back at me and smile "well i was gonna work on it after i came back home but since you still wanted to hang out i decided that you can watch me fix it if you want?" he would bite his lip, looking hot as ever, and i would just smile and  nods then he would say "great! here you can sit..." he would lead me to the side of the car and he grabs my waist, a bit too low for my liking but i would ignore it, and then he would lift me up and place me on the top of the car, on the hood, and then he would smile up at me and go to the front of the car, i watch him walking, he then would lift the hood up and take it off, so i can see him clearly, he would start doing some kind of work on the car, i know nothing about cars so he would be doing something, and then after a while i would be laying on my stomach, watching his muscles flex everytime he pulled on something to put it back in place and then...he would stand up straight and right when i think he is finally done, he would grab the back of his shirt from over his head and he would pulls it over, so it came off and he would use it to wipe off his face, since it would be full of sweat and he would get some grease on his forehead whenever he would wipe it, he would catch me staring at him that he would put on a smirk and make a sarcastic comment to me like "like what you see?" or "take a picture babe it lasts longer" and then i would blushe so hard that i have to cover my face cause it would be so noticable, Once he seen my blush he would walk over to the side of the car and i would sit up quickly, since the car isnt tall he would be able to reach my face, he would wrap his hand around my cheek and rub it with his thumb lightly, then he would lean in close and i would blush and close my eyes, whispering "this is my first kiss" and he would smile and whisper back "then ill be sure that its special" he would pull his hand back and use both of his hands to pull my legs around his waist and i would lock them there, he would then pull my off the car and i would automatically wrap my arms around his neck, he would lean his forehead on mine and i would smile at him, he would smile back and then he would lean in closer and closer until his lips meet mine, he would nudge me a little to kiss back and i would kiss back very clumsily, he would pull away and i would blush hard and mumble, "sorry...i told you its my first kiss..." i would say totally embarrassed he would just smile and say "dont be sorry babe, it was good for your first time" i would smile a little more confident about it and say "really? thank you" he would nod and sit me on the top of the car and i would lay on my stomach again, he would go to the front of the car again and he would finish fixing the car as i watch him......


and thus how i want my first to go! 

well something like that! 

ok peace out! 

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