--emmas pov--

i woke up in an unfamiliar room, but relaxed when i saw niall next to me. i rembered last night. dinner his mom he bringing me upstairs.

'niall niallll NIALL!!!!!' i screamed in his ear

'huh??' he said getting up. i poked his nose

'good morning!' i said

'ugh! you woke me up to say good morning??'

'no i need you to take me home' i tried to wiggle out of his grip but he held on tighter closing his eyes.

'five more minutes mum!!!! ' he whined. i sighed knowing it was no use. i slumped back on the bed. soon niall was back asleep and i got up, i poked nialls forehead.

'fvnfj,vnfdkj' he said then rolled over. i laughed and took the blanket from him 'alright im up!' he said i chuckled.

'theres the spirit!!!' i said giving him a thumbs up. he shooed me out of his room, i flomped onto the couch exausted. 2 minutes later, niall came down fully dressed. i stood up and smiled at him. i approached him and entwined our fingers together, smiling. he opened the car door for me and i got in buckling in.

'i have hands you know'

'that doesnt mean i cant be a gentleman'

'well such a gentleman indeed' i said in a posh accent

why thank kind miss' he said in the same accent. i giggled.

'um emma i have some bad news' i nodded. 'the boys and i decided that we are going to addition for......for the Xfactor'i knew what this meant. i might not see him for a long time.


'we leave in 4 days......im....im sorry' his voice cracked on the last word. i nodded and just looked out the window.

'i know you might be upset with me.. but my mum said that you could stay with her for now until i get back ok??' i nodded, staying with nialls mum would be nice consiering she so sweet and caring.

'please talk to me'

'niall ill stay with your mum' i didnt say anything else the entire ride back.


hey guys so ifyou didnt figure out already, i twisted up a little. instead of additioning seperetly, they are going to gether. i thought it might be a cool way to do it ok so




or dont your choice

stay beautiful!!!

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