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The Girl Who Found Love



By Jasmine Rohm

Today is a wonderful day, it is sunny and the birds are singing. They sing a song of sorrow not of happiness or love but one filled to the brim of tales long ago. You may have heard tales of love and happily ever after but never one of true utter disaster. So this will be your first if you want a story filled with happiness then you should stop now, otherwise this story is about a young girl named Raven and how she had to face the world after she lost her Great-Grandfather.

          On this day our young heroine must face the many fake smiles coming and going as she sits in one place beside her grandmother and watch. They mutter words of how sorry they are but Raven her mind is elsewhere. See she was back in the past the day that he passed away. Maybe I should start from the beginning where Raven was happy. It all started when she was three years old, Raven’s mother married a man that she thought was fit to raise Raven and her older sister. But their mother was badly mistaken for beneath his kind and gentle act was a vicious monster waiting to threaten the frail ties that binds the girls and their mother together; this man who was to help them not hurt them.

          Over the years the girls grew and learned the truth about this man that they must now call Dad; but that is not even the worst of the story. This man called them the worst of names and made their mother cry. A couple of times the mother was going to take her children and leave. But as always the father’s crazy mother would come and talk her out of it. As the girls got older they learned to just ignore him, but for Raven it was much harder all she had ever wanted was to make him proud.

She did many different activities and tried her best at everything, eventually though she just gave up on her dream. Right before her freshmen year of high school a most terrible event struck the heart of Raven and her family. Her great-grandfather had passed away. The girl’s had been home laying in the living room watching television until they fell asleep. Then at 11 o’clock that very night, their mother came home and told them the news. The girls could not believe what they had just heard, so they each fled to their individual rooms. Raven took it the hardest; she blamed herself for what had happened to her grandfather. In her eyes he was the only one that had ever truly loved her. The years had passed and Raven quickly became 20 years old and had gone to college where she began to open up and feel happy. But her cousin had to take it all away from her and Raven did the worst thing possible she tried to kill herself. The reason is she heard the words that she could never take that her great-grandfather hated her and never truly loved her at all. As soon as she heard those words darkness took over her mind and made her tear down all the pictures of her friends and family.

After that she overdosed on her anti-depressants and began to get very sleepy. She had told one of her new friends about it and they had called for help. After that day things had gotten better within herself but Raven still had one problem. Her family was still making fun of her, laughing at her, and ripping her apart. After a while and many counseling sessions raven could smile again and laugh like before. Then one day Raven met the most amazing guy ever his name was Jack. He was cute and sweet. He was also very funny and took the time to get to know her. Whenever Raven was with him she smiled and felt good about herself. The darkness that had consumed her that night, however, threated to take control again. She knew that if this were to ever happen the results would be fatal.

 She told herself that he would never want to be with a girl like her, but then as they went to the fair he had surprised her with a kiss. It had started out so slow and then he had let loose and just leaned in and kissed her on her lips for the first time. He made her feel so safe and loved that she never wanted to lose him. Then once again she had to lose someone she cared about. At this point the only person that she felt safe talking to was her best friend Cassie; they had met when they were in high school, even though Cassie was much younger than Raven they found out that they had a lot in common. They both loved art and expressing themselves through various styles.

They became fast friends always looking out for one another and telling their secrets. They would talk about anything and spend hours together just drawing. Raven learned that she could still have her dream even without her great-grandfather around. That is what he would have wanted for her, and even though the pain is still there she knows that with her friend beside her she can do anything. 

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