Without Thinking ❤️

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Nikki's Pov

I wanted nothing more than to get this whole damn tribute over with ! This is what's causing my me nightmares I know it ! It's just the stress and nerves doing this ! Oh god why is this happening now I feel like one day it's going to ruin my relationship with John if it continues !! I mean it's been 5 night in a row that I wake up screaming Alex's name and that doesn't help me at all he says it's fine and that I should talk to like a shrink or something but I just don't have time ! Today he was gone and I was on break for a week ! He would be back tomorrow and since I couldn't sleep the night before I decided to take a nap ! Worst mistake ever !!

In her dream she was in Johns and her house !

Alex: Nicole !!

She came running down stairs

Nikki: Alex ??

Alex: Nicole I missed you !!

Nikki: Alex what are you doing here ?

Alex: I'm here to see you to be with you I missed you babe !!

He said as he tried to kiss her !

Nikki: Alexander stop I have a boyfriend !

Alex: So get rid of him !

Nikki: No I love him !!

Alex: What about me you don't love me anymore !

Nikki: Alexander I.....

Was interrupted by Johns voice !!

John: Nicole come back to bed !!

Nikki: I'll be right there babe !!

Alex: Babe ?

Nikki: That's my boyfriend !

Alex: Please tell me you'll always love me !!

Nikki: Alex I......

John then comes down stairs !

John: Who's this ?

Nikki: John this is Alex my....

Alex: Boyfriend

Nikki: Alex that's no.....

John: Boyfriend ??? I'm her boyfriend !! Tell him Nicole !

Nikki: I'm trying to but you two won't let me get a word in !!

Alex: Nicole I love you !!

Nikki: Alex it's been 3 years !

Alex: I know but please tell me there's something in you that still has feeling for me that you still love me that if you were to see me you would jump to me and kiss me !!

Nikki closed her eyes and when she opens them she was starring deep into his eyes !!

Nikki: Alex I love you and I've never stopped !!

John then grabbed her and pinned her to the wall

John: What you love him ?

Nikki: John I can.....

Then Alex grabs him and punched him

Nikki: Alex no !!!!

They started fighting and Nikki was being pushed away from them watching them from a distance crying watching as they basically killed each other then there were gun shots and Nikki couldn't see who got shot but she saw blood

She then woke up from her nightmare and cried into her hands and called Brie and Randy over !!

Brie: Nicole calm down what happens ?

She explains to them her whole dream !!

Randy: Wow ! Has this dream happened a lot ?

Nikki: No it's the first time !!

Randy: What can be causing these dreams ?

Nikki: I don't know but there scaring me and I don't know what to do anymore !!

Brie: Maybe going to his grave will help ?

Nikki: I don't know !!

Randy: Maybe it will !!

Nikki: No I don't want to go there I don't think I could bare it.

Brie: Just try to relax more at night okay !

Nikki: I will thank you guys for coming you guys !!

Randy: Anytime if you need us just call is again were only a block away !

Nikki: I will thank you guys !!

They hug and leave

Nikki's Pov

Would talking to his grave help ? Ugh I can't think straight I need to drive !!

She grabbed her purse got in her car and drove off before she knew it she was at........

Johns Pov

I had just gotten off my plane early because my job was done early and I wanted to come home early to surprise Nicole !! When I got to the air port I saw her in a hurry and I was calling her but she didn't listen I saw her buy a ticket but she didn't have any bags she just had her purse she waited about 10 minutes then boarded a plane to Boston ?? Why was she going to Boston ? And why didn't she tell me anything ! After I saw that the flight had left I went into the garage and I saw that her car was in the parking lot ! I called a cab and headed home I got there and I saw no note explaining anything what was going on !!

Nikki's Pov

Before I knew it I was at the air port without thinking I saw that the last flight out was in 20 minutes so I bought a ticket to Boston and ran to the terminal ! And in less then 10 minutes I was on my way to Boston I hope I wasn't making a huge mistake !!

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