Bella's POV

I heard knocking on the door. So I got up off the couch where I was sitting with my mom, watching TV, and opened it. I expected her to come in but she seemed to be in wondering off somewhere in her mind. I sent her a mind message saying:

"Uhm, Zendaya. Aren't you gonna come in?"

My mom got up to see what's going on.

Mom: why isn't she already in?

B. IDK mom.

I tapped Zendaya slightly on her shoulder and shook her a bit and finally snapped out of whatever world she was in.

B. Hey Z. Are you ok?

Z. Oh, um. Yeah. Hey Bella. Hey Mrs. Thorne. I really don't know why but my mind just completely lost focus.

Mom: yeah. Well girls. I am going to get some groceries in a few minutes.

B. Ok. We're gonna be in the dining room then.

We both went into the dining room and sat beside each other around the table.

B. OK. So how was your day?

Z. I guess part of it was good. How was yours?

B. Good and boring. Good because wait for it! 3...2...1! Jorjé asked me out to a date on Saturday and he gave me his phone number!!! Ahh!!! Yas!

Z. O my God! That is Great!!! Where will he be taking you??

B. He told me he'll take me anywhere I wanna go. And idk where that'll be.

Z. Omg!! ok!....

B. Explain how your day went then.

Z. I'll just show you. Its too much to explain.

B. Show me? How will you do that?-

Z. Just hold my hands and close your eyes.

We both held our hands and closed our eyes and she began showing me her entire day. From 6:00a.m to now "4:26 p.m"

B. Whoa. I'm sorry.

Z. Yeah, don't be. You didn't do anything wrong so.

B. Ok. You wanna go to the park or something. You know, to take your mind off things.

Z. Sure.

B. Ok. I'm gonna call Trevor and Jorjé.

Z. Fine with me.

I went by the back door and made the call. First call to my BF: Jorjé then to Zendaya's BF: Trevor. I told them to meet us in at Diamond park in half an hour.

B. Alrighty Z. I just called them and they agreed so I told them to meet us at Diamond park

(A/N: I just made that up. Idk if there's such a park. Lol)

Z. OK. Let's get you upstairs and into a better outfit!

B. Hey, hurtful!...but true. Let's go.

I locked the front door before we ran up to my room and looked for something to wear. Zendaya picked out a strapless black top and a pair of while tight fitting jeans for me.

Z. So. I think you should wear this. It'll look amazing. And you can use your black 6" pumps with it.

B. Ok. And you... have any of your clothes here? I have some of mine at your house so...

Z. I think I do.

B. Great. Now I'll help YOU find something gorgeous to wear.

I went into the extension of my room where Zendaya's closet of clothes were and saw what she could wear. I got out a hot pink crop top and a gray high waist skirt with pink flat shoes.

Z. Oh. Wow. Thank you!

B. Your welcome. Now I'll get these clothes on in my mom's room so you can this use room.

Z. Well OK.

I went into my mother's room got into my clothes while Zendaya did the same. I came out as I was done and knocked on my room door.

B. Hey Zenny! Are you finished yet?

She opened the door and went to the bureau and applied a little bit of make-up.

Z. Ok. Ready. Let's go.

We made sure everything was secure in the house before leaving.

Z. So. I'll drive my car. And you drive yours.

B. Ok. You lead though.

Z. No problem.

She got into the car and backed out the driveway then I did the same. We arrived at Diamond park. I saw Trevor and Jorjé speaking to each other as I pulled into a parking spot and Zendaya did the same. I got out my car and got an "Oh My Gosh!" Look from Jorjé as he saw me. Trevor well he looked at Zendaya in a "Don't do it Trevor" look. Seems like he thinks she's teasing him. Well then, this should be a great evening and night.

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