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"Hey guys! enjoying?" tanong ni Leigh she's real hot with her black fitted dress, nandito kami sa kanila ngayon celebrating her 19th birthday I actually refused the invitation but unfortunately my best friend Phil dragged me in here"Nope Leigh I'm not enjoying,where's the chic you're telling me?" ani philip sabay inom ng baccardi"Oh, Don't be too excited to meet that chic phil she's coming anytime soon"Leigh explained and winked.We're 5 in this table I,Philip,Dave with her girl friend Janine and Ylla"Anyways enjoy the party guys, asikasuhin ko lang yung ibang bisita"ani Leigh at lumakad palayo sa table namin.

"Dude! Look at the girl wearing red tube on top and short shorts" ani ni Phil with his sparkling eyes "Hot" he wispered tumayo at pumunta sa kinaroroonan ng babaeng sinabi niya.Phil's a jerk he never take girls seriously,"that guy" wala sa sarili kong sabi at iling iling.I have low tolerance in alcohol kaya hindi ako talaga umiinom, well yeah I do but occassionally and never get myself drunk.I saw Ylla from here dancing wild on the dance floor while Leigh forcing Brave Reynolds her long time crush to dance with her I don't know what's wrong with this man why he seems so cold towards her I mean Leigh's freakin cool,she's funny to be with The word BORED is out of your vocabulary when your with her,but hey! Don't get me wrong I'm not having crush on her It's nonetheless Hyacyth and no one will ever replaced her I suddenly missed my girl.

"Hi there handsome" someone approached me I snobbed the girl who's holding a glass of JD,she look drunk already, okay she's stunning with her simple white dress matching silver high heeled shoes, She has dark eyes with long eye lashes, a lil pointed nose and uh yeah her pinkish lips, wait I just said I snobbed her right? but of course I was able to looked at her she's real gorgeous but I don't care so I stand up and was about to go to CR when she blocked my way"We're not done yet Honey"she seductively said and flipped her hair I raised my brow at her"I'm not interested missy"I candidly told her then walked toward her but again she grabbed my arm at hinarap ako sa kaniya and in just a snapped I found myself kissing by her torridly,My eyes wide opened in surprised so I pushed her to end the kiss"You liked it? you do right?" she teased and walked towards me left me with my mouth half open."W-wait"I blattered pero nakalayo na siya she looks really familiar.


It's 2am And I'm still wide awake, I just Ugh! That girl!her kissed was bagging me! why the hell am I thinking of that girl anyway?It's like as if she's stole my first kiss,well yeah she stole a kiss from me but defenitely not my first.


(tunog ng alarm clock yan wag kang ano!)

Kinuha ko yung alarm clock sa side table at inoff and get up to bed to fix myself I'm still sleepy tho.After fixing myself I went downstairs there,I saw Mom,Dad and Kaylie having breakfast.

"Hi honey come here join us" ani mommy at umupo na ako sa dining table"Goodmorning" bati ko"Goodmorning kuya!" kaylie greeted me back"Honey puyat ka ba?" mom asked"Po?I questioningly asked"Ang laki ng eyesbags mo"sabi ni mommy na may pagaalala sa muka"Ah eh medyo late na po kasi ako nakauwi mom" pagdadahilan ko at kumuha ng toasted bread and pasta"How's your study son?" tanong ni dad"Ok naman dad still the top natcher" pag mamalaki ko"Good" he said with his firm voice and continue eating."Honey?" mom called me"Yes? I retorted while muching my breakfast"Wala ka pa din bang girl friend ulit?" that question makes me chocked"Oh my god! here's juice honey" mom handed me her juice I drink it"E-ehem" I cleared my throat"Ok na mom" I said and she sighed in relief."Wala po mom, I'm into my studies" I answered her question and she just nodded I finished my food and get my things"I'm leaving mom,dad,baby" paalam ko"take care honey" ani mommy dad just nodded"Oh kiss ni kuya? sabi ko kay kaylie at itinapat ang mukha ko sa labi niya she then kissed me"bye kuya!" she energitically said I smiled"Bye baby!" I went outside our house and drive myself from school.I parked my BMW ng nakarinig ako ng nagaaway.I'm not eavesdropping I just overheard thier conversation while walking .

"Prince! Ano ba!? I told you to stop this nonsense!" sabi nung babaeng nakatalikod"Jasmine please,just please give me a chance" Jasmine? wait, the name's familiar I heard it somewhere.the guy pleaded "Ang hirap mong kausap naman Prince eh! Alien ka ba at hindi mo maintindihan na hanggang kaybigan lang ang tingin ko sayo"The girl seethedly explained I continue walking and let them continue thier friendzone quarrel.

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