Meet &greet

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Meet and greet L.P

"Lindsey get ready its almost time to go!" I screamed at my best friend who is going with me to the FUCKING ONE DIRECTION MEET AND GREET! Her mom got us surprise tickets for our birthday .


We decided to stay at the very end of the line so we might be able to talk to them longer. After hours of waiting and unconditional patience, it was finally our turn . "holy shit Harry looks so hot" Lindsey scream whispers and i just nodded because I'm speechless. she has always had her eye on Harry, and mine on Liam.

First was Louis, then Zayn, then Niall, then Harry and Liam. Zouis just smiled and mumbled and 'I love you too' and mabey 'thanks' . I'm guessing they we're super tired, Niall was talking to us a bit more , but I could see out of the corner of my eye Harry eyeing Lindsey. we slid down the table more and Harry flashed us the most memorizing smile I've ever seen. Lindsey asks for a hug and pic and he happily complys . I Liam had bags under his eyes and looks kind of annoyed? " hey, what's wrong ?" I ask sadly, we were last in line so we could stay a little longer. Lindsey was zoned out talking to Harry. "Nothing love , why do you ask?" Liam doesn't sound as happy as he normally is... " please tell me, I'm good at keeping secrets" I say with a wink. Hey I might never see him again , gotta make the moves. " just some trouble with Sophia .. We kinda split.. " hell yeah!!!!! "Oh, Im so sorry-" I was cut off by liam saying " don't act like your not happy " he chuckles lightly. I laugh and say" I kinda did like her, but I bet I could be better" did I just say that? "Shi- fuck, I didn't- ugh!" I slap my forehead in embarrassment. "Your alright love," my heart flutters " call me sometime, I've gotta run. Oh I never caught your name?" " its Y\N " you say with a smile. He repeats and walks off with the boys ,looking back and waving one last time before turning the corner and vanishing.

••• 2days later •••

*ring ring ring*

Hello ?"

"Hi, its Y\N , do you remember me ?"

"Of coarse I remember, were you asking to hangout because I was hoping you'd call. "

"Yes, exactly, where at?"

"My place"

He gave me his address and I wrote it down with super messy handwriting.

'Holy shit'

"Alright be over in an hour"

See ya then"

As soon as I hangup I scream. Lindsey has harry number and is already getting it on. She tells me way too many details about Harry's long fingers.

•• I head to Liam's place and knock at the door, he answers and welcomes me in. Its a really nice place. We end up watching the newest spiderman and cuddle on the couch. I had other plans. I slowly leaned up and kissed his cheek, going to his neck as he let out a soft moan at his sweet spot. He grabbed my hips and lifted me to straddle his waist. I kept giving him love bites all over his neck as my hands ran through his hair. Our lips finally meet and he trailed kissed down to my chest softly kissing me . I'm a virgin, I don't know if that is what were doing but I know he isn't one. He starts to walk to his bedroom while holding me . he opens the door and tosses us on the bed together. He brakes out kiss for pulling his shirt off and I let out a moan at the sight of his abs. I take off mine suddenly becoming confident , he stares at my chest in awe, then pounces, taking my bra off in the process. Taking my left nipple in his mouth getting me even more wet. I can feel his boner on my inner thigh . "oh liam, " I moan once he starts to rub me through my shorts. I go to pull down his sweats to find him in Calvin Klein boxers. "I can't wait till I'm inside you." Shit, I need to tell him I'm a virgin, but I don't want to ruin his fun so I let him continue, I had to wear a thong or else I would have panty lines. He moans at the sight. "Damn, your fucking soaking" he starts pumping a huge finger , "ohh and your tight too , who got you this wet huh? Who? "

"Y-y- ou ddady , imm gonna cum. " with that he pulled out. "Ride me." He commands now on his back . " i-i don't know how. " I said shyly "I'll show you, " I slowly sink down on him and squeeze my eyes shut as he fills me up . "fuck ,your huge" I manage to cry out , I try my best not to cry but one tear desides it wants to.

"What the- are you a virgin? " he asks completely confused . I nod and look away from his eyes , he takes my chin with his long fingers and makes me look up at him "are you sure you want to do this? We can stop if you want. " he asks sweetly . "no, I do want this , I always have."

He rolls us over and asks if I'm ready, I agree and miss him passionately, he laces our fingers together as he slowly thrusts in and and out of me. " oh liam"soon enough the pain disappers and I tell him to go harder. I feel his large hand grab my thigh and put it around his waist as I do the same with the other . he is grunting and I can see little beads of sweat on his forehead as I scratch my nails along his shoulders to his back. " liam , i-i I'm close" "come for me baby" and hearing those sexy words sent me over the edge. He still hasn't came yet so I might as well finish him off " liam , come please . oh god you feel so good" as I keep whispering he pulls out and releases onto my stomach.

He rolls over and stares into my eyes as we both try to catch out breath. "Your amazing, let's get you cleaned up" he carries !e bridal style as I wrap my arms around his neck and nuzzle my face into his chest. He makes a bubble bath for us as we just sit there in the hot water . I break the silence by questioning " Liam? " he hums in my ear with his eyes closed. " I know your busy all the time, but what does this make us ? " "well I'm hoping your boyfriend. " I turn to face him and kiss him harder than ever before.

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