Chapter 105

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Taylor finally came in after 2 hours later. "Welcome back stranger." I say as he enters my room.

"30 minutes till we begin! You excited yet?"

"No I couldn't really care less."

"Oh." He says looking at the ground.

"Of course I'm super excited!" I say poking his stomach. "Ow. My finger." I laugh.

"I need your help Court." He says seriously.


"Well what bandana would go best with this black shirt and tan shorts and red shoes?"

"Red." I say non-hesitantly.

"Red it is." He says walking out. 30 seconds later he's back with a red bandana around his head. "Ready?"

"Yep." He takes my hand and we join the guys out in the hall.

"Let's make this a good one guys!" Matt yells.

We walk out into the dining room. I stand still in awe.

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