Chapter 12: "Isabella's Pov

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I never loved anyone before but I know in this moment, he is someone I would like to experience it with. his heart and love would be something I would give up for anything. when I watched him have a heart attack, I felt like everything was slow. I can even see the sweat he had and the struggle drip through his curls as he expressed his frighr. knock. knock..

the doctor walks in and he says

" hello, nice to meet you, I am Dr. Mike and I wanted to know if you had any contact information to let his wife know or something" as soon as he says that I panic, I kissed a married man.

"hes married?" I gulp

" I'm assumin, I saw a ring on his finger, are you two together?"

"no, as far as I know, he lives alone"

" well he can not go home alone, it seems like the nightmares came from being away from comfort and having a lot of stress"

"so he stays here until he gets better?"

" that can be an option or he can go home and live with you for a while to have someone to support him, I know he is a doctor and he has to avoid work for 1 month, he has to do monthly check ups"

" I can do that for sure, when will he be out?"

" as soon as the paper work is done, please wait in the waiting room" he says as he walks awat. from a distance I see louis and liam making out and putting there hands in each others hair. liam's gay?!!! & louis too? whaat!!

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