Chapter 3

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Four POV (Switchin it up!)

Zeke, inviting me to his party, smiled.

"Come on Four!" He whined.

"No," I respond.

"Seriously? Come on everyone going to be there! All of the imitates, everyone! Just please come!"

I consider this. "Fine... But on one condition."

"That is?"

"That people don't have to drink before the dare. I don't want everyone drunk, especially the initiates. Alcohol makes it stupid, not fun."

"You gotcha self a deal. Now. We need to get you dressed." He told me.


"You heard me. New clothes. Let's go."

"You're such a girl." I tell him.

"No. I'm a strong, independent woman."

I almost laugh, but I keep my mouth shut.

Zeke practically dragged me to the dauntless shop. We walked around the shop and he pointed out a black leather jacket. I slipped it on over my shirt and Zeke said, "Dude! You could totally get laid tonight! No girl will be able to keep her eyes off you."

I shoot him a bored look and say, "Like that would ever happen."

"You never know..." Zeke tells me.

I shake my head, to no one in particular, but do decide that I like the jacket and buy it.

"Whatever. Let's just go to your place and set up." I say.

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