You outpranked me, the Prank Master!

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Annabeth’s Pov

I stumbled as I saw a flying book that was coming towards me to smack my face. Then I saw someone holding it. It was seaweed brain! Then he disappeared, and the book fell onto the floor. I swear I saw him right there holding it, but I was probably hallucinating. I doubt that I’m hallucinating, but I’m just going to go with it for now.

Jason’s Pov

I shrieked like a little girl. The statue of my father in the cabin was … well, I don’t know, possessed or something? All I can say is that it started to smirk, and it destroyed half of the cabin. I don’t know how many drachmas I will have to pay for this. All I know is that… well, it’ll be a lot. Then I thought I saw kelp- for–brains leaning on the wall, laughing, as if I, Jason Grace, going bankrupt is really funny.  Trust me, it’s not.

Conner’s Pov

Ah… another nice day of pranking… maybe I should prank Clarrise… or should I prank Will… maybe I should prank Nico… but I really don’t want to be attacked by an army of skeletons…

Then, my thoughts were interrupted by a bucket of cheese poured onto my head. I sighed. What a classic prank. I should’ve known this was coming. I might as well be mental, ‘cause I think I just saw a pair of sea green eyes, jet black hair, and a triumphant smile. (That’s probably because he just pranked the prank master.)

I’ll get him back soon, I thought. Wait… isn’t he dead? Wow, there’s something wrong with my brain. I should get surgery or something.

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