Way to school

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"COME BACK HERE SKY" kasami shouted

"AHH!!!!!!!!!! SHIT WHEN DID YOU LEARN TO RUN SO FAST? Come on feet don't fail me now"I panicked.

"Gotcha!" Kasami said panting. "Okay fine you win you're way faster than me you can go join the track team whatever but we're outside school now so wait for recess." I said. "Yeah sigh lets go to class. You have history lessons for the first period right?" "Come on lets go" kasami said.

"Yeah history lessons.Sigh Lets get this over with." I said sighing.

"Ok class so we all know the history of blah blah blah blah" before mr bazell could finish talking I drifted off

Dreamland(ah how beautiful NOT)

Me and kasami was lying down on the fresh beautiful green grass. I had prepared some fruits, sandwiches and pies for us to eat. Sigh how perfect is this "Come on sky I'm hungry now can't we eat now?"kasami pouted. "Sigh you're so cute.ok come on lets eat! Do you want the strawberry pie or the blueberry one?"I asked."Strawberry pls."kasami said sittimg amd repling like a 5 years old girl."and c-can you f-feed m-me p-pls"kasami said while blushing her face was as red as a tomato. "I g-guess" I cannot believe my ears kasami actually asked me to feed her. "Sky sky sky wake up SKY!" I heard someone said.

"Huh?!" I woked up half-eyed. "Mr Sky can you please tell me about what I just said about the history of the Temaske?" Mr bazell asked. "Erm......The history of Temaske is that it was used as a trading port for some countries example China. A lot of countries wanted to acquire it because it was a place where a lot of countries will come and trade things example silk and spices. The other reason a lot of countries wanted to acquire it is because some of the trading is either too far north or too far south and Temaske is just right it is neither too far north or south." I replied sounding not so sure. Mr bazell and the whole class except kasami stared at me "What? Why are you guys looking at me? Is there a problem?" I said a bit blur.

"Brillant Mr Sky! I haven't even reached that part but glad that you listened." Mr bazell said. Kasami looked at me and whispered "As expected from our Sky." She smiled at me.

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