Panicks and lies, what more do we need

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Mikaela 7 weeks (deicated to Beth since I had to brake your heart, sorry love)

After my conversation with Joesephina we both agreed to get together with Beth and talk all this out after our appointments. It was strange to think about, my best friends and I are all having babies, and we are only 15 and 16. I couldn't believe it was happening, there's no way.

I was getting ready for my doctors appointment, they were gonna do an ultrasound and show me the little tiny speack that is my child. I couldn't wait to show Michael, I told him that he couldn't come cause of my dad, but now my dad is making me go alone. Michael found a job so he couldn't come either way, I was stuck going on my own, stupid people and their jobs.

My dad dropped me off at the doctor's office, twenty minutes before my appointment, he wished me luck then drove off. I walked inside and checked in, they told me it will be a few minutes then gave me some papers to fill out while I wait. I sat down in the far corner of the waiting room and started filling out the papers, they were basic info papers, the stuff my mom usually fills out for me. By the time I finished they called me back and had me sitting on the bed. "Hi Mikaela, I'm doctor Auzul, I'll be your OBGYN. How are you feeling today?" I watched her as she washed her hands and took a seat on the

rolling chair, she looked over my file nodding to her self. "I'm feeling ok, just been really tired lately and I need to pee like crazy. Is that normal?" She nodded her head with a sweet smile on her face. "Yes its is, especially in the 7th week, you may also experince cravings and or aversions, nausea, emotional changes, and break outs. But there's no need to worry, you may only experince a few of those things. Some woman only experince some if any at all. When I had my first child I only got the cravings, but my husband got my nausea, it was quite funny to me at times." I chuckled at the thought of Michael having morning sickness, and blaming the baby for wanting funky foods. "I don't think my boyfriend would like that to much." She smiled at me and placed my folder on the desk. "I bet it wouldn't be a fun experince for him. Well Mikaela I just need a few samples and we can start the ultrasound." I nodded and watched her as she got two blood tubes, and a small cup for urine, thank god since I got pee baddly. "Um can I do the urine first since I don't think I can hold threw the others?" She nodded and handed me the cup, showing me to the bathroom.

Once I was done I gave her lab tech the cup and sat in the chair so they can draw my blood. I didn't like needles so I didn't watch as the lab tec, her i.d card said her name was Amy, inserted the needle in my arm. I winced slightly as I felt the small pinch from the needle, a few seconds later Amy placed a bandaid on my arm and said I could go back to the room. She handed me a gown and asked me to remove all my clothing for a cervical scan. I nodded and took the gown, I walked to the room and changed behind a curtin, folding up my clothes and placing them on the table behind the curtin. I sat on the bed and waited as I swung my legs, counting how many times I heard heels clicking in the hall.

My doctor walked in moving a tray behind her that had some covered instruments on it. "Ok Mikaela I'm gonna take some cervical cell samples, just to make sure there is no infections. If you could please place your feet on the foot holds we can get started." I nodded and leaned back on the reclined bed and put my feet on the foot holds, feeling quite uncomfortable with my legs wide open like this. She sat on the chair and removed the cover over the instruments, I saw a small tray of gel, a beak looking tool, and a small brush. I had a pretty good idea what was happening next.

Ok well lets just say that I don't like cervical exams, they are so uncomfortable. I should be the only one to do anything like that. "Once we get the results we will let you know, now how about that ultrasound." I nodded and laid back again. "Ok this is gonna be cold." I lifted up my shirt and shivered when the gel made contact with my skin, watching her as she placed the wand on my stomach. She moved it around while looking at the screen, stoping when a small blueberry sized speck popped up. I saw nothing but she paused the image, taking a picture, then unpaused the image. "Well there is your baby, I know he's not that big now but so far he looks good. And this is his heart beat." She messed with something on the machine then there was a beating sound playing, I listened to it for a second then an idea popped into my head. "Do you mind if I record the sound, for my boyfriend." She nodded and I pulled out my phone, unlocking it I pressed the voice record app and started recording the sound. I knew Micheal was gonna love this. "How many pictures do want?" "Two." She nodded and printed them out, when she handed them to me I couldn't help but wonder how that little speck is my baby. "Ok so just a few more things then we are done."

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