Chapter 1: The Baes

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"SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT STANDING THERE IN NY AMERICAN APPERAL UNDERWEAR I AND I KNOW--" "SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!" i yelled as i chucked my alarm clock at the wall breaking it in the process. I ran to the bathroom and took a quick shower. i threw on a pale pink crop top and high wasted shorts and combat boots. I ran down the stairs and my brother was playing call of duty (cod) with Liam and Niall "Where is Zayn and Louis?" i asked while grabbing a controler and connecting "Louis at home eating ice cream and Zayn is with Perrie" Harry replied. I grabbed my phone and text Louis and said "Hey come ovr to play cod" he text back immediatly "YASSSSS!" i didnt text back but he sprinted over with the tub of ice cream. "LOUIS I HAVENT SEEN YOU IN FOREVA!!" i hugged him he was like a bro to me. he grabbed our red controler we named it... REDDY XP

Hey sorry i havent updated if foreva so... 

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