Chapter 2: Project and Weird Guy

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It only took us 3 minutes to reach home from Perragoon.(Because Cody was speeding and luckily we didn't get caught.)

Having to park his car in one of the parking lots under his house, we are ready to start the project.

"Just get down the car with your bag only.Leave the clothes and stuff here. And..I'll drive you home later."

"Its okay.I can go home on my own."

"Nah.Just.Just let me see you home.Okay."

Okay, then."

"Mom! I am home with my friend!"

"Is there a project to be done today?"

"Yeah.We'll go up first"

"Okay. I'll some cookies up.I've made some cookies.

It just so happen that today,his mom doesn't want to work so she stay home and did something that she is super pro at ; Baking.

His mom seem to be somewhere far from his house door that he needs to shout at the top of his voice.

*This is what I overheard his *best bro 's conversation:

A businesswoman mom of his makes him free to do what he wants because no one is at home unless they wants to stay home that day and doesn't want to work. A busy and rich company's boss is a person who only keeps giving his son,Cody, money to spent.(that's why he is so rich.)*

"Ya..This one just paste it here.Take that one.Then overlap it on this one"

"I think that one is supposed to be here beside this."

"Ermm..sounds correct..okay just take it out and paste it there."

"My dear, have some cookies before continuing."

"Thank you."

"Thanks, mom! "

After discussing for quite a while and we are done! Halfway.We are only done halfway.We might need tomorrow to finish this.

The evening sky was blended in with rainbow that is giving me hint that I should head home right now.

Soon, we to stop doing project because I needa go home.

"Let me drive you home"


"Mom!I sent my friend home first.Bye"

He left without waiting his mother's reply and permission.

Vrooomm..The strong wind made by Cody's speeding car slapped my face.Right into my face.

"Where do you stay?I wanna stalk you."


"I'm asking you where you stay.I am sending you home.Remember?"

"Oh..Oh ya..I live just down the street."

*whispering*"That's kinda near."I came come your house.

"What are you whispering about?I can't hear you.The wind is loud."

"Then don't."

"Bye.And..Thanks for the clothes.And....I'll pay you...."

"Bye.and you better not pay because I bought them for you not lend you money to pay.I Bought them for you.You.Okay.So.You need not pay me.Okay and see ya tomorrrow and don't forget to take your clothes."He said even before I could finish my sentence.

"Okay then.Bye!"

"Mum! I'm back!" While saying, I walked up my stairs to my room to put down my bags and bags of clothes and my bag.

Bang!! (I slammed my room door so hard that I can't believe I am the one who slammed it.Unbelievable!But that's what I always do.I can't be bothered to even slowly close my door)

*My room:

My seahorse brand bed is covered with white coloured bedsheet and a white converter that makes my bed the most coziest for me.I also have a GIANTIC white coloured sliding-door cupboard , a black study desk with a black coloured notebook(*Not a notebook which we write words in but the notebook which can surf the net.) and a huge place for me to do my dancing there(*My CCA is dancing and I love to dance.)*

I threw my bag on my bed and start looking and trying the clothes Cody bought for me.

I slide my door open and I have a HUGE collection of clothes from Peragoon,my favourite shopping place. Adding to collection was those beautiful clothes Cody bought for me.But I have a huge question in my mind.Just for a presentation, does he really have to buy clothes for me and its not like a set or a few its a few HUGE bags of clothes.Does he think that I can wear so many clothes altogether on the presentation or does he thinks I have more than a body?...Seriously..I don't know....He is so weird.Very weird.Wait.I mean super weird.

"Come down for dinner!Diana!Come down!"

"Okay!" I shouted back in reponse to mom.

Yum!Today's dinner is so delicious and glittery and you can imagine that right?.The vegetables and brown soup full of potatoes and meat inside and the white and soft rice so yummmy...

*My family is quite different from other families.My family would text or play with their phones during eating time but its what we always do. We would text and eat at the same time at the dining table.You can't believe it that even my parents are like that.But for me..I would hurry finish and go up to my room.*

"I finish my food already.Mum,Dad I go up to my room first." I inform my parents as I left the dining table and go up to my room as my domestic helper wash the dishes after we finished eating.

"Okay." The normal reply I get from my parents was heard.

I went up to my room and close the door,but actually I slammed the door, I just sat at the foot of my bed and thoughts of what happened today is vividly flashing through my mind and pictures of what happen today was seen.As thoughts went through my mind, the usual thing that happens is that questions will start popping out.

I'll go bath first before I lie down and sleep 'cause everytime I lie down, I will most likely fall asleep.

After bathing , I came out and Cody is still on my mind his weird actions and reactions were suspicious but suspicious of what?I also don't know.I don't know.Okay.Now what's wrong with me today.

Haizz...Today seems to be a longer day then other days and I am really tired.I say as I lie on my bed.

Looking up at my well-decorated ceiling,which is filled with stars and the make it look like galaxy,I thought of the picture i came across that day, it is a couple watching the night sky and stars together at...I said as I doze off to sleep...

*Best bro: Best friend.You are so close with that you treat him as your brother.

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