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Welcome to the depths of my soul.

I know you'll like what you see.

But you won't stay.

Nobody ever seems to stay.

The walls are painted in the most beautiful of colors.

Artsy drawings spill from the ceilings;

Serene blues, inspiring reds, electric greens.

Soft subtle yellows that warm you like a fresh spring sun and comforting browns that will wrap you in the safest embrace.

My hallways seep aromas that were designed to draw you in.

Your favorite ice cream, vanilla or chocolate or rocky road delight.

Warm apple pie and fresh baked cookies make everyone spend the night.

But if you stay long enough, the cracks will appear and the smells will disappear.

You may never see them, but sense they are here. You may never notice, but irrevocably miss what was never there.

Memories of dead dreams, past lives and what will never be;

Suck the brightness from the walls, ceilings and everything in between.

One day to the next, the space will seem a bit dull. What once was vibrant, spirited and hopeful;

Will become blank and clouded, with absolutely no pull.

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