Chaos Control!

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(Theme song: Waiting For The End)

I knelt on the rocky ground of the underground cave, clutching my deep bleeding scar across my chest. My entire body's covered in scars, bruises and wounds from the last fight from Eggman. I gritted my teeth and looked up to see my best friend in his Super Form, fighting the evil genius.

I looked around me as I saw my friends, either bruised, scarred or both, lying on the ground breathing heavily. Good, I thought to myself. They may be severely damaged but still alive. It would be the right opportunity to heal them while bestie fights him off.

I bit my lip and stood up slowly on my two legs, the sheer pain of  my scar was unbearable but yet I don't care. I closed my eyes and faintly whispered, "Waise heill...". Instantly, my scar started to heal itself, knitting the flesh and skin together. It was a burning sensation that I tried not tear up because of that. After that, the sensation faded away and my scar was patched up, though the rest of my scars and bruises remained

I then walked up to my friends and healed each and every one of them swiftly. The last one I healed was Tails and I helped him up. "Thanks for that, Saphie.", He said and smiled. I nodded and turned to look at the intense fight between Sonic and Eggman. The doctor's powerful robot kept shooting heat seeking missiles and numerous lasers towards my Blue Blur but he smoothly dodged them all at once.

"Is that the best you got, Egghead?" He grinned mischieviously and flew around the giant machine. "You blasted hedgehog! STAY STILL!!!" Eggman shouted, pounding on a button to shoot more projectiles towards my best friend. I watched worriedly, wishing that I can also help out and finally defeat him once and for all. I mean yeah, I can use Chaos Power like him but I've never been Super before. I've seen him turned Super a few times but I knew how it feels like to be in that form.

Sonic continued to deliver strong blows to the robot, while it helplessly tried to reach out and grab Sonic. While that happened, I brought all of our friends to a safer place so that they could watch him from afar while the fight raged on. I was helping Cream with her chao Cheese until I heard Amy screamed, "SONIC!!!"

My ears perked up immediately and I ran to her side. I followed my gaze to where she's pointing at and my eyes widened in shock and fear. I saw Sonic, trapped in what looked like a cage made of lightning. Eggman's evil laughter rang my ears as he watched my poor friend trying to escape from it. Each time he tried to destroy the cage, it zapped him back painfully with volts of pure electricity.

"AAAAGGGHHH!!!" Sonic screamed in agony when he was shocked again for the fifth time. Eggman chuckled coldly and spoke, "You think you can get out of that so easily, Sonic? That cage's impossible to break! Haha!" Sonic glared at him and continued to fight his way out from the cage but to no avail. I bit my lip nervously on what's Eggman going to do to him.

Eggman finally pushed another button and this time, I saw the cage getting smaller and smaller. My eyes and Sonic's widened in astonishment as it continued to shrink down until the lightning current wrapped Sonic tightly, shocking him. "AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" He screamed and writhed in pain.

"SONIC!!!!!" I yelled in terror, tears starting to build up at my eyes. The shocks went on and on, until it finally stopped. The electric binds finally vanished and Sonic crashed down to the hard ground. All of my friends gasped in fear and gazed to where he is. Without any time to waste, I dashed quickly at his side and spotted him.

He was laying there, already reverted to his normal self, smoking and covered in burns and bruises. I ran to him, knelt down and gently picked up his head, letting it rested on my lap. I stroked his head with my aura to ease the pain. Sonic opened his emerald eyes weakly and gazed at my glistening sapphire blue ones, a small smile was slowly forming on his lips.

"Sorry 'bout that.... Saph..." He whispered softly. "I-I shouldn't... have let my.... defenses down...." I shook my head and more tears spilled down on my cheeks. "S-Sonic! I'm sorry too that I can't help you fight him! It's just...! " I trailed off and cried more onto his chest. I felt his hand softly petting my head and then he spoke, "Deal Egghead... For me... Please... Use the Chaos Emeralds...". I nodded and nuzzled my cheek gently against his.

I looked at the robot and then found the emeralds. I quickly snatched all of them and closed my eyes. "Chaos Emeralds," I began "I beg for your greatest assisstance to help me stop Dr. Robotnik from causing havoc to my friends once and for all. I need your power! Lead me and open the gates to a new path of light!" At this statement, the emeralds began to float and orbit around me.

I heard my friends cheering out and calling my name. I even heard Sonic saying, "Go Saphie..." I smiled softly and felt my heart enlighten and my feet off the ground. Light surrounded my entire body and I feel much stronger and more determined.

"What?!" Eggman shouted through the microphone to the speakers attached somewhere on his machine. Everybody was staring at me in awe as the light continues to shone bright and flowing into me. I felt my quills raised higher and my fur changed color to match with the light. As it finally diminished,  I was fully transformed to the form that I wanted to have for so long. I became... Super Saphie.

I glanced down at my hands and clenched them, grasping the full power of Chaos. "Time to finish the job!" I bellowed and flew straight to Eggman. Suprised by my newfound ability, he pushed many buttons and fired lasers and missiles towards me but I dodged them instantly and, with my cunning hands, held fast to one of the missiles. With a quick toss of my hands, I threw the missile back at the robot and it got hit at one vital spot. Eggman growled and made his robot to charge at me. A playful grin formed at my mouth as I easily teleported away.

Eggman was dumbfounded at first but then he came to his senses as I reappeared behind him and use Spin Dash. The robot was nearly knocked at the same time Eggman yelled, "Damn you two blue rodents!" I furrowed my brow and glared at him. "We're not rodents!" I shouted and charged all my power in me. With it, I shot down to the vital spot like an arrow at the robot screaming, "CHAOS CONTROL!!" and destroyed it. "We're hedgehogs." I finished my sentence and the machine finally exploded.

Luckily, Eggman ejected out of the robot and flew away safely. I flew down to Sonic and carried him back to our friends, who were cheering and waving at us.  I grinned and gave them a thumbs up. Sonic smiled at my gesture and I smiled back to him.

As we head back home, Sonic finally spoke, "Saph, you did great back there. You were awesome...!" I chuckled and looked at him. "Well, it's because I got you guys to support me during the fight! Especially you, bestie." I smiled softly. "You make me feel brave and believed that I can do it, no matter how impossible it is."

He grinned widely and winked at me. "That's what I wanted to hear!" He stated. I laughed a bit and kissed his forehead. He sighed in bliss as I flew towards the sunset.


THE END!!! Hope you'll like it! ^.^ Not sure but eh :)

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