Chapter 3

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I sighed as I lay on my bed


Is it her? Is it Lauren?

It has been so long... Maybe she's already fine. Maybe she's here.

I cant be wrong. I heard her voice.

If it's her, why didnt she approached me?

Stupid! Maybe she didnt see you!

But she shouldve said that she's already here! Im her fiancee! I should know.

Maybe she's planning to surprise you.

Yeah I think youre right. She's Lauren Jauregui. She has so many surprises in life but.. but.. Ugh! Why am I even talking to myself! Camila youre insane!

I dont want to put my hopes up. I dont want to expect anything. I dont want to be hurt..

I really miss her..


I saw Kai walking out of the leisure room. He seems upset so I didnt bother to greet him.

"Hey Guys! What's up?" I greeted as I entered the leisure room. They looked at me and smiled.

Austin and Lisa are eating while Eunice is just watching the tv.

"nothing" Eunice said and continued watching the television.

" You seem grumpy... " I asked her while sitting next to Lisa. Eunice scoffed. Lisa laughed and I frowned.

"Well.. as you can see, she and Kai had a little fight." Austin chuckled.

"Why?" I frowned.

"Kai told Eunice to drink her medicine but because she's Eunice the tough headed, she didnt. So yeah.." Lisa explained.

"Oh.. now it all make sense" I said and we all laughed.

"So.. how's life?" Austin asked.

"Tell me how's your family..." I sang. They all glared at me.

"Camila..!" Austin glared playfuly.

"My morning is really bad right now Camila" Eunice said

"Ouch.. that hurts.." Lisa acted.

"Haha.. sorry :3" I giggled.

"Guys have you heard of Lauren" I asked.

"No.." Austin shrugged.

"about Lauren.. OH MY GOSH I FORGOT!" Eunice shouted suddenly."Her dad texted me yesterday that she's here and she's really excited to see us guys! He said that she'll visit today!"

"Oh my gosh..." Austin and Lisa gasped.

"Seriously??!" I asked unbelievably. Eunice nodded. Suddenly the door opened. We quickly looked at it and there, I saw her.. the one and only Lauren Jauregui..

"LAUREN!!" They all run to her and hugged her. I didnt ran to her. I cant. My heart is beating so fast that I cant evemn breathe right now. I was freezed in the moment like it was a dream.. She's here..

I watched them greet each other happily. Tears of joy are now running down my cheeks.

"Wait guys! Let's give way to Camila."Austin said."Lauren, Camila's there.."

Austin pointed at me. Lauren looked at me slowly. I saw the pair of green eyes that Ive been longing for. I smiled at her but she just frowned.

"Uhm.. Who is she?"

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