chapter 7

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HI!!!! Here's chapter 7! I'm really excited,  almost 200 reads already! Please vote and comment! (Come on guys, I know you're out there) But thanks soooooooo... much for those of you who are continuing to read this, slowly more people are reading each chapter. I hope You're enjoying it so far. I'm still trying my best to update so sorry i didn't update yesterday!!!

        A few days have past and I barely get time to do any research. I've given up on the journal because so far I haven't a single thing about the weeping angels in that. I have been continuing to work on the house, luckily yesterday it was finished. I've tried several times to the old manor with the dream but something stops me every time I try to go there. My instincts are telling me not to.

         I sigh deeply on the thought and stare up at the ceiling. I need to get out the house. I am slowly going insane if I don't do anything.

        "Morning Eva," I sit up. She's been at my side since I woke up screaming last night. "At least you're sane. Probably smarter than me too if you were human. You could help me on this case."


         For once in three days I actually eat breakfast. I quickly take a shower and then later decide I should take a walk and maybe do some shopping.

        Few minutes later I grab my jacket look out the window. It looks as if it's going to rain.

        "God, I miss the sun," I sigh opening the door. Rain is barely the reason why I'm inside. Usually when I move somewhere new I will go out and just drive or walk around to places I have barley go to or haven't been to at all.

        I go outside, there's another cool breeze. That takes away the summer weather. I walk down the path to the gate and see Mason and Avery. 

       "Hi," he says walking over to me.


        "How are you lately?"

         "Okay, I've been inside a lot. I've been mostly reading and getting the house fixed up and ready.I thought I should come outside, I've been inside too long," I say. I don't feel like mentioning hte lack of sleep I've been getting.

         "Yeah, Lois says you've been cooped up in there lately. Is everything alright?"

         "Somewhat," I shrug. "I've been doing some research that's been bugging me. I've also haven't felt myself that much. I thought it'd be best to stay in. Lois has visited a few times, she's making sure I'm doing fine. Her thought is that I'm depressed, honestly I don't know at this point, so

        "But she's right, I be getting out of the house more."

        "Do you want to come with me then to walk with Avery? I mean we haven't really talked much the past few days."

         "Sure. As long as I don't get mugged I'm good."

         "Do I look like that kind of person?"

         "Well you could be an undercover for some strange society," I smile and he luaghs.

        "True, we better hurry. It's supposed to rain in two hours. but I think we'll be fine by then."


         For the next ten minutes we talk on our way to the park. As we cont. walking I notice another telephone booth. Like the blue one I saw in the town before.

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