Chapter 48

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Harry p.o.v

"MY DAD'S WHAT!!!!??!" I scream at the new information Louis just gave me and the boys.

"Yeah me and Angela were walking and we bumped into him." Louis tells me agian.Like I didn't hear.Oh I heard but I'm in disbelief."Isn't he supposed to be in jail?" Liam asks."Who's supposed to be in jail?" Emma asks coming in the living room while rubbing her eyes.Oh no Emma my dad always wanted to ruin things I love.He might go after Emma.Just like Jade.We all froze looking at her we didn't want Emma to know your she will be scared at least that's my reason."Umm see I'm supposed to be with Katie right now." Liam said walking backwards to the door then out the door."I just remembered I need to be with Angela so she can cut me yeah yeah that sounds like it." Zayn said the he was out the door.He is such a bad liar."You know I should make sure he's safe." Louis says then he's out the door."OK now you tell mw what's happening." Emma said pointing to me.Thanks guys for leaving me to deal with this.She is my girlfriend."Nothing hunny don't worry." I say kissing her forehead."Better not be but you know I'll find out one way or another." Emma says going back up to my room.I sigh in relief she didn't push it more.She is right she will find out one way or another."Emma you almost ready." I say going upstairs to my room."Yup lets go." Today I promised Emma a moive date for some reason that i can't remember right now.But she's my girl so I ain't worried about it.


Emma's p.o.v

"Oh my gosh wasn't that a good moive Harry?" I ask my boyfriend."Harry stop overreacting." I tell him he holding he's stomach like he ate something bad."That was the worst 4 hours of my life." "Harry it wasn't that bad." "Yeah it was but since I love you it wasn't that bad." Harrry said putting his arm around of me.I blush and smile he really loves me.We started walking to the car until someone shouts "Yo Harry!" we turn around to see a dude with black hair.Harry probably knows him but I sure don't."Adam whats up mate." Harry greets his freind with that hand shake guys do.You might be able to tell i know nothing about boys."Ello love you must be Emma." I didn't notice he had a british accent."Harry I see you finally left Holly." Wait who's Holly.Ohhhh maybe its that girl Harry was taking to at that party.Well at least I have her name now I need more things."She's different then your normal kind won't you say." Adam says looking me up and down.I knew I shouldn't have worn a skirt with this little crop top.Harry almost killed the man that takes the tickets for looking at me.But what does he mean by don't he's normal kind?"Yeah nice seeing you Adam but maybe we should go." Harry says getting infront of me."Come on Harry lets do it like the old days." the dud Adam says trying to get around Harry.What does he mean the old days? "No sorry mate she's different." Harry says opening my door."Then the rest of the convorastion was a blurr.All I could hear was things like where's the old Harry he's much more fun than the new Harry.I also think I saw Harry punch the dude in the face but I won't question it.I kmow how he is.But right now my though are every where.Then Harry got back and we drove in silence.Am I really not fit for Harry......

Angela's p.o.v

"Mom I'm going to Emma's house I'll be back around 9!" I yell putting on my toms.I love toms and just because their easy to put on.Ok that might be it."Ok bye honey ask Tessa if her little issue was corrected." My mom yells back.If you haven't notice we do alot of yelling in this family."Ok I will do." I yell exiting the house.I don't even know what she's talking about.As I make my way down the path I see Nick."Oh my gosh Nick where have you been I haven't seen you in ages!" I say with joy hugging him.Its so true I can't even remember the last time I saw him."Where have you been?" I ask pulling away.As he was about to answer me I saw Louis walking toward us."Oh hey Louis!" I say huggging him as well."Hey bae." Louis says kissing my cheek.I know what you think why is he kissing me on my cheek and callling me bae if I don't go with him.That will be answered later."To answer your question I have been packing." what does he mean packing."Packing for what?" I ask.Louis just stands watching us."I'm moving to Los Angles with my brothers." What no!I hug him with out even thinking.I will miss him he done so much for me."I'll miss you so much." I whispher in his ear.He hugs me tighter and says "I'll miss you more." I let go of him because Louis faked a cough.Boys."I guess all be going." Nick said backing away."Don't forget me and don't forget to call." "I won't goodbye Angela thank you for everything." He said opening he's car door."Bye Nick love you." I say waving him as he drives away.I felt Louis tense next to me but I ignore it.When Nick's car turned I stared walking with a silent Louis behind me.I wanted to walk to Emma house because cocah said we need to walk for like 2 mintues or something also its not that far."Angela!" I turn around when Louis shouted my name."What you scared the pumpkins out of me." I say holding my heart.I didn't curse because I promise my fake daughter I wouldn't."What was that?!" Louis shouted at me pointing behind him."Its air also lower your voice when talking to me." I say for he's sake not mine."I'm sorry." "Better now what in the world are you talking about? Nick is my friend and I love all my friends." I say defending myself I guess.I even let all my guy friends call me bae which should be and honnor for them."Oh my bad." Louis says with he's head held down."Awwww Louis its ok come here." I say opening my arms.Louis slowly walks in my arm.When he got in my arms he had to dunk down a little because he's a little taller than me."But my question is why are you worried it noe like you like me or we dating or something." I say pushing him out of our hug so I can see he's face.Which was bright red.Why though."Louis you don't like me right because Stay looking for a girk for you?" I ask because Stacy will be mad if her hard work went to watse."Wait she is?What do they look like?" he asks me.Before I could answer him my phone buzzed its was a text from Emma saying 'Angela hurry up I need you now!' I groan and look back at Louis."Louis can we dissuss this later Emma needs me." I say after there were 3 buzzes from my phone.All by Emma."Ok talk to you later I have to go met up with the lads anyways." Louis says looking a bit sad.Someone needs to explain to me whats happening.I kiss he's cheek and turn away and run to Emma's house.This girl better pay me for making me run.........

Louis' p.o.v

"Louis would you pay attention and stop holding your cheek!No one slapped you yet!" Harry said waving his hand infront of me.He's been on the edge since he found out his dad in town. "Sorry." I mumble looking down and trying to hide smile."Why are you touching you cheek anyways?" Liam asks me.I look at Zayn who was drinking some soda.Maybe he's not paying attention."Well before I came here I was talking to Angela and she had to leave so she gave me a kiss on the cheek." I explain to them while looking at Zayn.Not to be mean or rub it in but to see if he will get mad........

Zayn's p.o.v

When I heard Louis say that I choked on my drink and spat it out."Zayn!Mate my mom is going to kill me for that!" Harry says pointing to the red mess I made on his mom carpet."Sorry mate." I say wiping my mouth with the back of my hand while looking at Louis."Louis I told you to stay away from Angela!" I say getting up.Louis got up as well.Another fight I guess is about to happen."Well looks like I don't listen to you well." Louis said getting closer.Niall got in between us to make sure we don't fight I guess."Lads this is not the time to be fighting over Angela ok!" Harry said to us."Hey what about Angela!" a voice says behind us.We all turned to look at the door.We saw Angela and Emma.Let me tell you this they do not look like they usually do."Woahhhh" me and the boys say shocked and amazed at how they look.What happened?Not that's it's bad............

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