Garden of Indigo

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I walked out through my door. My door, along with my house, was pure indigo. Next door was a red house. And across the street was the (eww) grey house. Too many shades of grey. I have the perfect amount of shades on my house.

I walked to my garden, which was on the right of my house. I followed the stone path to the garden. I was weeding and nurturing the garden when a moving truck pulled up in front of the red house.

I didn't know it was for sale.

A slick, red car pulled up behind it. A man in a crimson suit got out. He had a mahogany tie. His pants were a bright red, almost pink.

I noticed that his crotch area was kindve large in his tight pants.

Me likey.

He noticed me and waved. I waved I. Response and asked, "You going to live there?"

He responded with a yes. His voice was not too deep or too high. It was perfect.

He started to help unload his stuff for his house. I don't see him for a few minutes, so I focused again on my garden.

I watered my garden full of indigos. I noticed that one was droopy, and I touched it. As soon as I touched it, it gained life.

I wondered, but then heard my neighbor speak behind me, "Hi there!"

I jumped. "I didn't mean to scare you, sorry." he said.

"It's okay." there was kind've an awkward silence, and then I spoke. "My name is Trisha Ind." I held out my hand.

He shook it lightly and responded, "Tristan Red."

He looked me up and said, "You are a very beautiful woman. Are you married; do you have a husband?"

"Oh no! we divorced years ago. Yeah, he was an alcoholic and was rude to me and others in general."

He nodded politely. "I'm sorry. But glad to know you are happy, now."

I wanted to say, "you make me happy," but I didn't.

He looked at my garden and said, "I love your garden of indigos. I love the colors red, purple, blue, and indigo."

I wanted to say, " I love you," but all I said was. "Thank you. I love pink, red, and purple."

He smiled, showing his perfect teeth. "Well, I shall be on my way now. Hope to see you later?"

I nodded fast. "Anytime!"

I smiled as he walked back to his home from my garden.

I sighed pleasurably. I looked at my gardens and noticed that they were glittering.

I smiled at that.

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