Chapter 8

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*Kellie's POV*

After left the restaurant, it was pretty quite. I just couldn't wait till we got back. I just wanted to lock myself into a room a cry, but I knew I needed to tell Jack.

When we got back, I walked to the room and told everyone that I didn't feel good. I couldn't take it anymore and called Jack up. I felt like Cameron needed to tell him, but I knew it would go bad. While I waited, I cried so hard. I needed to let it out.

After about 5 mins of crying, I heard a knock.

"Come in," I said loud enough for someone to hear.

"Hey ba- whoa what's wrong?" he said while running over to me.

"Please don't hate me after I tell you this," I said crying.

"Just tell me babe," he said still hugging me.

"While I was walking out of the bathroom in the restaurant, I ran I to Cameron on the way. We were just talking and he kissed me! I swear I didn't kiss back! I'm sorry Jack! I love you so much please don't hate me!" I said basically sobbing.

"Oh I love you too babe and I don't hate you, but I'll be right back," he said giving me a kiss on the cheek them walking out.

*Jack G' POV*

When Kellie was talking about Cam, I didn't know where this was going. But, suddenly, I hear the words "then he just kissed me". I knew this was the night where I'm gonna beat some ass.

I walked out of the room and went to the lounge area, where the rest if the group was.

"WHAT THE FUCK CAMERON!?" I yelled while getting in his face.

"I'm so sorry man! I didn't mean to! I was just caught up in the moment!" he said taking a step back.

"What the fuck do you mean you were "caught up I'm the moment"? You kissed my girlfriend!" I yelled.

"WHAT?!" everyone yelled, but Nadia. I look at her face and she fad tears streaming down her face.

Nadia's a tuff person, but when you play with her emotions, she'll let it all out. By this time, she ran out of the building, while Livi and Ash behind her.

Everyone was just staring, while me and Cam were face to face. My anger got to me and I punched Cam in the face. We were going back and fourth until Johnson pulled me off and Nash pulled Cam off.

"What the fuck man? I thought we we brothers? Brothers don't kiss each others girlfriends!" I yelled.

"Brothers also don't let a girl come between them! They stick together no matter what!" Cam yelled.

"But look what you just did! You broke your girlfriends heart, you backstabbed me, and you probably let down our friends!" I yelled. With that, I walked back upstairs to Kellie.

*Nadia's POV*

After hearing those words, I automatically felt my eyes burning and tears streaming. Livi and Ash stared at me right when they heard those words. I didn't know what to do, I mean, I was shocked. If you found out that you boyfriend kissed your bestfriend, you'd be pissed to right? Soon I ran off. I was about to get I'm the car that we rented, but was stopped but Livi and Ash.

"Nadia wait! Are you okay?" Ash asked.

"I don't even know what to do right now. Everything is so confusing! Why did he do that? Does he like her? Does he not love me anymore? What the hell did I do to to deserve this!?" I said breaking down.

"Nadia, everything will be alright. We both know Cameron loves, I'm just not sure why he would do this. But I do know one thing. First go talk to Kellie, then go talk to Cam. Y'all need to figure some things out," Livi said while trying to calm me down.

"I will soon, but I really need to take a break for a while. I'm just gonna drive around for a bit, you know, to cool down," I said more calming than before.

"Okay, please be careful. Just call us if you need us." Ash said.

I go in the car and turned on the radio. The song that was on was "Loyal" by Chris Brown. I laughed to myself because these days, it seems that no ones loyal. I drove a round for a bit longer because it was kinda soothing. I got tired, so I went back to the hotel and got a different room for the night. I know tomorrow's gonna be a long day.

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