===Target 5=== At the Bar

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Cresent Keil Lennon's POV

"A suitor if you may presume..." I said with my usual cold attitude.

This is the second time that I got the change to see her up close. Even though I always follow her where ever she goes ever since I took her home. Even at her school. So I know what ever she's doing or going.

"So your Keil..." the blonde girl said. I just nodded my head. "So where did you guys met?" She added.

"At this very bar." I shortly said. I sat next to Blaize and she just glared at me.

"Oy, Soul sit next to me." The girl with black hair said to Soul. So that must be his girlfriend they where talking about earlier.

"Okay, okay dont use that tone with me." Soul said to her that made the girl smirk. I dont know why she smirked but who cares, I only care about Blaize-who was completely ignoring me.

"So this is Venice. Youve got a nice catch here bro." Xander said then eyed the girl named Venice before moving over next to the blonde girl. "What's your name Miss beautiful?" He asked. What a player.

"Yumi. What's yours first handsome?" The blonde also flirted. I thought that I was gonna throw up good thing our orders arrived.

A Mastika for Xander, Jägermeister for Soul, Cherry Almond Crema(for your information it is really a drink, an aphrodisiac to be exact) for Gabriel- whos always late and my favorite an After Shock.

"Thats an After Shock right?" Blaize suddenly asked. I thought she wasnt really going to talk to me. Thats a big relief.

"Yeah, want a sip?" I asked without thinking. Sh*t this drink can make an ordinary person drunk in one sip.

"Sure, I've always wanted to try that." She said before putting her drink down and taking mine. I saw that the twins looked at our direction and there eyes fixed on Blaize. She took a sip then looked at me.

Please dont get drunk. Please dont get drunk... I mentally repeated. Now In talking to myself. This girl's really making me go crazy.

"You have good taste at what you drink." She blankly said then took another sip. Eh? What just happened? She wasnt drunk? "What?" She asked me and looked at the others I was with. "What are you all looking at?" She irritatingly said.

Uh~ Feisty I like that. I like to drag her with that attitude in bed every night...Wait what?! Im becoming a pervert! She's making me like this! But I kind of like it. *__*

"There just wondering why arent you drunk yet." A voice said. It was Gabriel who just got here. He had a goofy smile plastered on his face when he looked at Blaize and the other girls, but it vanished when his gaze landed on the girl with brown hair. "A-alegra?" He said.

The girl with brown hair looked at him, eyes filled with confusion. "Who are you?" She managed to say.

"I-its me Gabriel..." he said then sat next to her. The girl's eyes went wide for a sec then it became teary. The next thing we knew she kissed him, that shocked all of the girls including Blaize.

"G-gabby..." the Alegra girl said after they parted from the kiss. Gabriel on the other side was smiling like theres no tomorrow. "I missed you Gabby." She added.

"Gabby?!" The three girls shouted at the same time. "So his the one you were always talking about?" Yumi shouted. "Your childhood love?" Venice. Tch, girls. Good thing my girl's not that loud, well she was noisy when we did- Sh*t Im being a pervert again!

"Yes..." Alegra said shyly with a matching blush. "Oh pumpkin. Youre so adorable!" Gabriel said before giving her a bear-hug and a kiss.

"Kala ko di na kita makikita muli, mahal ko." Gabriel said in Filipino language which I also understand, coz of my Filipino blood. "Ako din, mahal ko." Alegra agreed.

"Why do people now a days live you hanging in mid-air...Hmph!" Yumi pouted. Blaize is even cuter when she pouts-here I go again, I havent even seen her pout. "You could say that again..." Xander second her motion.

"Idiots." I heard Soul said. "Yeah, they dont even know how to speak other languages except there very own." Venice said. "There perfect for each." Soul added.

"Oy love bird your making me sick!/Quit it your making me vomit!" Eh? We said it at the same time. I looked at her and she did the same. The others just looked at as with meaningful looks.

"You two also look good together." Xander said. "And their both sadistic..." Yumi added. What the-? So she really is a sadist. Ah, another side of her that I want to know.

"What ever." Blaize said before looking away to hide her reddish face. She looks like a tomato~cute.

"Keil your smiling like a lunatic." Gabriel said. I looked at him then glared. He just raise two fingers. Peace? I dont know peace. You'll pay for that later, you dimwit.

"Cresent is it alright if I have this?" My gaze landed on Blaize who was still holding my drink. "Sure." I said with a smile.

"Your right Xander. He is smiling like a lunatic." Soul agreed with what his twin has said. Now he was the one I was glaring at.

"Pfftttt..." I heard a snicker. I found out that it was, Blaized. She was holding her laughter. I raised an eyebrow at her. She just burst out laughing at me.

"Looks like you four really are close. And the look on your face earlier, was, was, kind of cute. You were like a parent scolding a child....hahahaha..." she said laughing.

"And you look so beautiful when you laugh." That came out without me thinking at all. Sh*t!

She stopped laughing and looked at me. She slowly went red. I just smirk. She really looks so cute when she blush. I cant help but want to kiss her, here and now so I did. She was stunned but then she closed her eyes and wrapped her hands on my neck. Mine on her waist. It was a deep passionate kiss.

"Get a room a will yah!" We heard our friends shout. Tch, their spoiling our moment here. She was the first one to let go of our kiss. Ah...I already miss her sweet lips.

We just stared at each others eyes. She was also the first one who looked away. She took her hands off of my neck, but I on the othet hand didnt want to let go. She didnt protest so I just hugged her from behind.

"So are you two a couple now?" Soul asked us. "Yes/No" fvck sh*t. What was that all about? The others just laughed and I just pout.

"Keil, this is the first time you acted like a child...hahahaha" Yeah, laugh it off chief. Enjoy it while it last you four will wake up in a hospital bed tomorrow.


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