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As soon as I walked in my door my dad asked me how things went.

"I did it and I got it." I said with a smile. "Now I'm going upstairs to do homework and work on college applications."

"That's my girl" he grinned.

"Oh yeah, practices are tomorrow, and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays." I called back down the stairs to my dad almost forgetting.

"Sounds good!" My dad called back. I was so surprised by his answer my dad has never been like this before.

After I got upstairs to my room I called Amelia who picked up on the second wring.

"How did it go?!" She said in anticipation.

"Well I'm the new singer and guitar player for a band called Astoria." I said with a smile creeping across my face.

"I knew you could do it! What did I tell you?" She squealed.

"I owe you one." I said "Did you talk to Andy about us going to lunch tomorrow?"

"Yeah, he wants to bring Joe." She answered.

"Patrick does too. So it's settled then, we can meet by the office tomorrow." I said.

We said goodbye and I hung up and got started on my work when my phone went off again. I sighed when I saw it was Pete. I didn't answer, he could drive into a ditch for I cared. Even remembering his name made my skin crawl. I laid down in my bed happy, despite Pete calling, and fell asleep.


It was Tuesday and I whistled all the way to school. I was on cloud nine and nothing could bring me down, or so I thought.

I pulled up in my usual spot, that is when I wasn't late. I was messing around in my phone when I heard my passenger door slam beside me making me jump and realize someone was in the car with me. I looked over to see Pete sitting right beside be just looking at me.

"Get out of my car." I said coldly.

"Let's talk about this." He said almost begging me just like he had the night in Amelia's kitchen when I met him wearing the same sad puppy dog eyes.

I wasn't falling for it this time.

"There's nothing to talk about, you lied to me about something important. You wanted a chance, I gave you one, you destroyed it." I narrowed my eyes at him in hatred making him look even more hurt.

"I did it for a good reason, Paige believe me." He continued to plead.

"What if I actually slept with you not knowing all the girls you had been with?! Not that I really would or anything. You threw the guys out for the night for me? That's horrible! You are a terrible person, and the past few days I've known you I have believed you way too many times, you creep!" I screamed at him and he just sat there in silence for a few moments looking broken.

"Now Get out of my car!!" I said again but with more anger this time.

He opened the car door and just stormed off quickly, It seemed like Pete might of also been crying. I could hear tires squeal and saw a car race out of the parking lot. I honestly didn't care if I had hurt him, it was probably all the same act he had put on in Amelia's kitchen anyway.

In my first class Amelia took one look at me and knew I was upset. I told her what had happened with Pete but all she said was that Patrick was better for me anyway.

I was still brooding until lunch when I met everyone by the office. Seeing Patrick's smiling face made me feel so much better. We all headed out to the parking lot and decided to take Patrick's car and picked a fast food place to eat.

"Prom is going to be so great dude, did you ask each other yet?" Joe said with a mouth full of burger glancing at Andy and Amelia them Patrick and me.

"When's prom?" I asked breaking the tension thick silence then feeling like an idiot, maybe I should already know these things.

"Yeah, when is it?" Amelia asked making me feel less dumb about not knowing.

"A week before graduation" Andy answered.

" Were going to be playing." Patrick chimed in.

"So you guys aren't going together then?" Joe asked reminding us of his question still wasn't answered.

"I was going to ask eventually, but since Joe threw the question on the table, you want to go to prom with me?" Andy asked Amelia who looked ecstatic.

"Heck yeah!" She answered making Joe look to me and Patrick. Patrick blushed under the pressure of everyone now watching us.

"Paige, you uh, want to go to prom with me." Patrick asked nervously then pushed the glasses up on his face.

"I wouldn't want to go with anyone else." I answered confidently.

"How about you Joe? Are you going with anyone?" Andy asked.

"I was hoping you or Patrick would be my dates" Joe joked. "But I guess I'm riding solo, Pete got a pass in since he's going to be playing with us and we plan to dance with all the single ladies." Joe winked. "Were all wearing red and black so you ladies should plan accordingly."

"Got it." I said

"So when's your first practice for Astoria?" Amelia asked me making everyone else confused.

"Huh?" Patrick asked.

"I tried out for this band as a singer and rhythm guitar player yesterday and got in, anyway its at five today. I was wondering if Patrick would want to come with me for moral support, plus their fall out boy fans "

"We have fans?" Joe said in amazement and shock.

"Yeah! I'd love to go." Patrick agreed.

"Sweet, looks like we have ourselves a sister band to train up." Joe smiled.

"Your band should come to our bands practice later too" Andy suggested.

"I like these Ideas." Joe said with another mouth full.

"We can go over it with my band mates when we get there." I told Patrick.

When we got back to the school parking lot everyone got out of the car but Patrick and I stayed behind in the car for a little longer.

"I was going to ask you to prom today anyway, honestly I thought you would say no." He explained.

"Really? I'm thrilled you asked. I like being around you Patrick, your just an all around sweet guy."

"I just thought you were too pretty to be hanging around a guy like me." He said playing with the steering wheel.

"We're too much alike not to hang around with each other. We're like peanut butter and jelly, better yet, peanut butter and chocolate!"

"I'll be peanut butter." He said smiling back at me.

"That's my favorite flavor." I laughed.

"Hey?" He said looking at me for a moment then looking away.


"Would you want to be my girlfriend?" He asked as if he had said it all in one short breath.

"Of course I would." After I said it it got quiet in the car. "Should we kiss now or something?" I asked.

"I don't know, your kind of my first girlfriend" he said nervously shrugging.

"Well your kind of my first boyfriend too, so I'm not sure how this is supposed to play out." I admitted.

"You want to give it a try and see how it goes?" He asked raising an eyebrow at me. I nodded and we both leaned in and kissed each other softly for a few moments of sheer bliss that spiraled through my body before we both pulled away.

"I'm looking forward to more of that." He smirked.

"Me too. But I think right now we better get to class before we're late." I added. Patrick walked me all the way to my next class before he gave me a quick kiss that made my blood pump harshly again before we said goodbye. For the rest of last half of the day all I could think about was Patrick.

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