Chapter 1

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I sighed as I opened the door to my huge home and heard yelling and arguing coming from all over the house. I looked in the mirror and saw my black hair was still perfectly done back in a high pony tail that ended at my waist. The platinum blonde streak that ran across the left side of my hair was still there as it was since the day I was born. I have the strong straight nose of my father and the soft skin if my mother. My facial features where a mix of both of them but my eyes were the electric blue that showed my right to the throne of Olympus. I had just closed the door when my sisters in laws came my way.

"I don't want to hear it. I had a bad day and I don't want to be the referee right now." I said before they started talking. I headed up the stairs to my room. I went to the bar that was set in the corner of the room and poured my self a brandy. I sipped on it and went to my bed. I sat with back resting against the headrest and turned on the tv.

"You ok?" Asked Carmen as she walked in.

"Ya just tired dad's really pushing me" I said as I started pulling off pieces of my armor

"I know mother has me going over different types if spells and charms and how to keep our king happy" she said as she started helping me.

"Who would have thought being the heirs to our parents kingdom would be so difficult." I said she smiled and bit and I pulled off my cape. I stood and pulled of my breast plate and put both of them in the closet. I took the rest of my armor and put them in their proper place and put my sword next to my bed were it always stays and took my crown of my head and placed on my bedside table. I sighed as I felt my body relax with out the heavy weight if the armor on me anymore.

"Come I made a bath for us" said Carmen as she pulled me toward our bathroom. I pulled of my white tank top and untied the string to lower my leather pants. Carmen slipped out of her beautiful thin gown and soon we were in the tub. I leaned against the edge if the tub and she leaned against me.

"This feels amazing" I said

"I know. I figured we both needed this after a long day." She said. I smiled and kissed the back if her neck. She relaxed even more against me and I wrapped my arms around her. We sat there relaxing until we both had to get out. We dried off and while she went through her skin care routine I got comfortable in my basketball shorts and tank top both of which are black. I laid down on our bed and was starting to fall asleep when the double doors of our bed room where forced open and slammed against the walls. My sword was in my hand faster then the speed of light.

"Sorry sorry" said Catherine as she and Carla walked on and closed the doors behind them.

"Don't do that" I said as I put my sword back down and tried to find sleep again.

"Sorry. Listen is Carmen here?" Asked Catherine

"I'm here what's up?" Said Carmen as she walked out if the bathroom.

"Well I may or may not have a bunch of people coming for a party and I may or may not need a ton of snacks"

"You are having a party here!" I said furious

"I have told you two over and over again! This is not a place where you guys can have fun! We are suppose to be in hiding!" I was pissed. I was on my feet and I could feel heat radiating of my body.

"It was a accident." She tried to explain

"Maybe it should accidentally kick your ass" I said. She and Carla started backing up.

"Honey relax please" said Carmen as she stood by my side and pulled me into a hug. Immediately I felt my self relax. She held me close until I wasn't as angry as I was.

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