Your eyes flutter open, moaning slightly. There's a terrible throbbing on the side of your head.

You reach a hand up to check the damage only to feel gauze tightly wrapped around your head. You hiss as you feel the bump under the dressing.

Your eyes open to a dark room, no light coming from outside or from the hall. You thought that was strange since your curtains aren't heavy enough to block out the light. 

You decide to turn on a lamp so you can see better and find some Ibuprofen. You grumble as you try to find the lamp, you didn't think your bed was this big!

After slowly crossing the bed, your hand touches something solid. 

You pull you hand back quickly, confused as to what could be so cold and hard. 'It doesn't feel like a cold compress' you think as you place your hand back on the surface. 

You explore, feeling soft creases as you make your way down the area. 

You continue to lower your hand when something grabs your wrist and pulls it away from the surface you are investigating.

"I don't think you want to go any lower." You feel your cheeks heat up as Hasten pulls you into him. 

"Wh-Why are you in my bed?" You choke out as you realize what you almost were touching. 

"You're in mine." Your head throbs as your cheeks burn from embarrassment. Hastens cold body feels good against your hot face. 

"My head hurts." You mumble as he reaches across and brings back a pill bottle, handing it to you. You open it as he gives you a cup of water.

You take whatever is inside, slowly drinking the rest of your water. He places the cup back on what you assume is his nightstand since you cannot see anything. 

You rest your head on his shoulder, using his cool body as an icepack. You hear no heartbeat from inside as he takes slow even breaths. Your body feels exhausted and groggy as you try to lay still. 

You close your eyes attempting to sleep. "Em, I have a request." Your eyes open, nervous as to why Hasten would even notify you about his ideas.

"I want to make this arrangement easier for you." You feel even greater suspicion as you attempt to sit up but he holds you down. 

"You will forget all about your family." You let out a sharp breath as you begin to protest. "Please Hasten. Don't" You're about to start crying when the feeling disappears, leaving you confused about what was wrong. 

You bury your head deeper into Hastens shoulder as you lay your hand halfway across Hastens chest. 

"Don't think this means I forgive you for my car." You mumble falling asleep as Hasten stares at the ceiling, pleased with his decision. 

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