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Pen Your Pride

~Chapter 11~

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Holy crap i'm in Cameron Dallas' bedroom.

I sat on the bed.

Cam sat next to me, he laid down and put his palms over his eyes.

"You okay Cam?" I asked, as I touched his leg.

"Do you ever feel like your life isn't complete without that, that, one thing."



"Really?" He suprisingly said as he removed his hands from his eyes, "well what do you need to complete your life?"

"My, my mom." I took a deep breath.

I guess he kinda guessed what I meant.


"About a year ago."

Cameron pulled me into a hug.

"Baby i'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring her up I-"

"Oh no no, it's okay, I love talking about her."

Cam smiled as he held my hand agaib.

"So, uh, what did you loose?"

He took a deep breath the same as I did just before, "My family."

"Oh. Cam I-"

"Not like my parents and siblings, Dylan..., I meant the 9 other guys who were like my brothers. Especially one.

"Was it Nash?"

He immediatly turned tword me, "How do you know it was Nash? How do you know anything about Nash?"

"What? Do you honestly think I don't know anything about Magcon?"

"But-but we all broke up and everyone forgot everything."

"I didn't."

"Why not?"

"I loved it. You guys were amazing. The videos and hangouts. I loved it. I watched every video and I know all about Magcon. Especially because my best friend, Baylor, was the number one fan."

He stood up.

"Oh my gosh. Your one of those people."

I stood up as well.

"Wh-what do you mean one of those people?"

"An obsessed fan."

"Oh my gosh Cameron, no! I, i'm not one of those people!"

"That's what they all say!"

He started walking away, but I grabbed his arm.

"Cameron it's not what you think!"

"No, it is what I think! You know everything about me! Your only talking to me because i'm Cameron Dallas. Ugh. To think I even wanted to get to know you!"

"But- wait," I held his arm with both of mine, "you wanted to get to know me?"

"Well, yeah."


"Your different."

All guys say that.

"How so?"

"Your smart," he stepped closer to me, "your gorgeous," he got closer, "you understand me" his hands were on my hips, "and your perfect."

We were kissing again.

For the third time.

Gosh, he really likes me.

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