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It has been 7 months since she ran away after her high school graduation, she's changed her name, hair color and she wears blue contacts. Even if she was too see someone from her past life they wouldn't recognize her. She moved to Florida to attend University of Florida, she told all of her friends she was attending some gay ass school in Boston. Marie has saved up money from the time she was 12 for this, she has 35,000 dollars cash in her bag, yet she rolled up looking like a bum. The moment that blonde haired skank gave her a dirty look she knew what was going down.


"Thisdirtyassskankatthecampusisgivingmedirtylooks, IwanttopunchherinthethroatbutIhavetogetmyselfoutofthatmindset, Lexuswouldofpouncedonthewhoreandbeatthatass. I'mMarienow, Ican'tjustbeatasslikeIusedtodobackinSeattlewiththesquadd." I think to myself as I walk up to the plastic table set up, it has a big banner hanging across it saying 'Welcome Freshies'.

"Hi, I'm Linda. What's your last name?" Linda was an old woman, she looked sweet but also ignorant. She starred at me blankly as I examined her face I laugh at myself for doing this bullshit.

" Hi I'm Le---, I mean Marie Davis." I smile at her as she looks through the papers. ShitIalmostslipped, LexusiswhoIamandI'mjustlyingtomyself, Ialwayssuckedatlying.

" Welcome to Florida U Marie! Your in dorm 23." The old woman exclaimed.

I roll my eyes at her fagotry and decide to go get settled into my dorm. I walk up to these steps and just look up, they're huge. Whatthehelldoesmylazyasslooklikewalkingupthesesteepasssteps. I groan and began to climb this mount everest ass steps. All of a sudden my bag gets pulled on and I slip. Leaveittomyclumsyasstofallalready. I snap my neck quick to find out who's responsible for this embarrassing bullshit.

" who in the ...." I begin to scream at the stranger but get cut off by crystal blue eyes starring at me.

"I am so sorry!!" The beautiful male defends himself.

"No, no. Its okay, it was probably all my fault. I'm so clumsy. Don't sweat it ." I say as I quickly walk away. After I climb that mountain I finally reach my dorm, my dorm mate hasn't arrived yet so I decide to just leave everything there and go shopping.

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