Interview W/ Tsubame

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Im sorry I haven't uploaded in a while... My Uncle passed away. But... here is another interview for you (:

1.) How did you find out about Wattpad…?

A friend (Ryouko) told me that this site hosts aspiring writers so I checked it out and fell in love right away.

2.) Can you relate to any of your stories…?

I can relate to Sarah in Life as Told By Nerdy because I'm a nerd. I'm unassertive, uncoordinated, with low self esteem and antisocial tendencies. Unlike her though, I don't have much adventure in my life :)

3.) What are your hobbies…?

Writing (duh), sketching, listening to music, cooking and playing with my dogs

4.) Are you more of a reader or writer…?

I'm both. But in Wattpad, I'm more of a writer.

5.) What is your favorite story on Wattpad…?

Diary of a Teenage Superhero by Darell Pitt

6.) What inspired you to write this story…?

I like to read Manga (Japanese Comics) but sometimes I don't like what's happening anymore, so I make my own stories.

7.) Did you ever thing your story would become this popular…?

No. But I prayed to God so many times :)

8.) Any messages for your fans…?

All I can say is THANK YOU! And stay awesome.

9.) Do you plan to make a career as a writer…?

Yes. If there's an opportunity, why not. Sadly, publishers aren't that lucrative from where I live.

10.) What story did you have the most fun writing and why…?

I have to say Reapers. In writing it, my imagination just unravels. In reality, those things might not make sense but in the world I created in the story, they do.

11.) Which one of your characters from one of your stories do you resemble the most…?

I'd have to say Aramis Rayne. We both have lots to say but no point to prove. Haha.

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