It was probably just my imagination

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Nico’s Pov

That kelp head is so daring. He came back as a spirit, to haunt, no, prank the campers of Camp Half-Blood. Or so he told me. I mean, I’m glad he’s back and stuff, but still.

Leo’s Pov

I screamed. There was a humongous wave that was about to crash down on me. Then I heard some faint laughing. It was Percy! But he already died. It was my imagination. Or was it?

Piper’s Pov

I heard a faint shout coming from my cabin. I quickly jogged over, wondering why someone shouted. I opened the door. It was a flying hairdryer! But then, I thought I saw Percy holding it. But he was gone, so it was probably just my imagination. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, who knows?

A/N I know it’s short, but I want to leave some other pranks for the next chapter. Review!

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