Chapter 11

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Everyone was rushing around, trying to organise the human side of the operation to Cybertron. The humans would be providing the much needed bolster to the small numbers of the Autobots.

So great was the need to remove a threat to their world, that the humans all banded together to form one of the largest military forces the planet had ever seen. And to help them against the Decepticons, Blaze and Ratchet had worked effortlessly to upgrade their weapons and equipment.

“Finally, finished,” Blaze stated, as he put down the main gun of the tank that he had just upgraded, “That’s the Human’s entire tech upgraded to a level that is equal to Cybertronian tech.”

Blaze stood up from where he had been sitting, and stretched slightly. He then looked around the landscape that was surrounding the Autobot base. He then glanced at the base itself, before turning back to what he had been doing.

Optimus walked over to where Blaze was standing. He lay one hand on the Human/Cybertronian hybrid, and told him that he was to take command of the humans.

“I seriously doubt they’ll do exactly as they are told,” Blaze said, “But I guess I could give it a go.”

“And that is all that is asked of you,” was the Prime’s calm reply.


He approaches. Primus could feel it, and with Unicron’s approach, so did Primus’ own death. Optimus had returned the All Spark to Primus the last time he had been here, but out of fear, Primus needed to release it.

“Carry yourself to the human who is also a Cybertronian,” Primus instructed the cube, “Allow him to bring you back to me once Unicron has been defeated once and for all.”

With that, the All Spark launched itself through the Well of the All Spark, and into space.


Unicron listened as the sound barrier was breached. He was standing over the Well of the All Spark, when Unicron saw light traveling up its walls. He strained to see what the source of the light was, but couldn’t make anything out.

Not until it flew right past him, almost smashing him in the face, as it screamed towards Cybertron’s atmosphere.

“No Primus that was not part of the plan!” Screamed Unicron, “And now you have only brought yourself a small amount of time from my increased wrath.”

Unicron continued to stare into the atmosphere, cursing Primus and the Primes under his breath.


Blaze was in the middle of loading the last of the human troops and their equipment, when he heard, felt, and saw the sound barrier breached. His eyes were one pair of many that suddenly pointed in the direction of the sound.

Only to have to launch himself backwards to avoid being smashed in the face by a cube that was about ten centimetres high, long and wide. He moved forward, knowing that the humans would continue loading themselves into their shuttles.

When Blaze had reached the impact crater of the cube, he bent down and picked it up, but quickly dropped it, as a hologram burst forward. Blaze had never met the being that stood before him, but he instantly recognised it anyway.

“Ah, Optimus, there is someone here for you,” Blaze shouted over his shoulder.

“What are you talking about?” Arcee asked, “Who…by the All Spark.”

“Indeed Arcee,” Optimus said calmly, “The All Spark has come to us, which means that Cybertron is in trouble, along with Primus.”

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