Chapter 7

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Theresa couldn't believe that Arianna was alive. She was livid standing there watching Brady kissing Arianna. It made her sick. There was no way that she would lose Brady to Arianna. How the hell could she still be alive? That was one thing Theresa intended to find out. And she knew just who to ask.

Brady looked deep into Arianna's eyes. He couldn't believe she was here, in his arms.

"Arianna, I missed you so much." Brady professed his love for her. "When I thought you died, my life went to hell."

"Brady, I don't remember much since I was hit by that car." Arianna said. "I just remember waking up in that hospital room and looking into Stefano's face."

"So it was Stefano who brought you back from the brink of death?"

"Yes, and as much as I detest him, I'm thankful he did." Arianna told him, kissing him.

"Yes, darling, me too. As much as I detest the DiMeras, I'm grateful you're alive."

Brady held onto Arianna like she would float away. He never wanted to let her go.

Theresa stormed into the DiMera mansion when the servant answered the door. She marched straight into the sitting area where Stefano was sitting at his chess table.

"How could Mr. DiMera?" Theresa raged.

"Excuse me, Miss Donovan?" Stefano asked.

"Bring that woman back?"

"What makes you think it was me?"

"Who else pulls these stunts?" Theresa ranted at Stefano.

Theresa grabs a poker and flails it at Stefano. Before she can hit him, however, EJ comes and grabs the poker from Theresa before she can inflict damage.

"Toss that woman out of my house!" Stefano demands.

EJ grabs Theresa by the arm and leads her towards the front door and tosses her outside and slams the door.

"You won't get away with this, Stefano!" Theresa says to herself.

Back inside, EJ goes over to his father, "Are you okay, father?"

"Yes, I'm alright!" Stefano assures him. "Now, I must go do something very important."

Stefano heads to his secret room. Once he locks himself in, he sits down at the control panel. He grabs a remote and pushes the red button. . . . . .

Suddenly, Arianna breaks free of Brady's embrace and starts walking in a trance-like state. Confused, Brady follows her, calling after her.

Arianna continues walking to the Horton Square where Theresa is having a cup of Java. Arianna then starts choking the life out of Theresa until she turns blue and passes out. Brady finally catches up to Arianna and struggles to free Arianna's grip from around Theresa's neck.

Finally managing to break Arianna's grip, Theresa gasps for air.

Brady turns to Arianna, "Ari, what got into you?"

"I don't know what came over me, Brady?" Arianna asks, suddenly confused. "One minute we were kissing. Then the next, I was choking the life from Theresa?"

Brady just embraces Arianna, while Theresa dials the police from her cell.

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