Settling In

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Holy fuck. This apartment is absolutely beautiful.

Am I really living here? With my best friend? It's been Dawn's and my dream to live together in our own apartment and it's finally coming true!

"So I'm going to go up to my room." I said to Dawn.

"Whatcha gonna do?" she asked.

"In going to go get settled in."

"Oh right. Go ahead."

As I go into my new room, I'm aw struck. It's so beautiful. It's bigger than my  room, bathroom, and walk-in closet at my parents home fucking combined.

Oh. But no. This room has TWO walk-in closets, a huge gorgeous bathroom with a glass shower (always wanted one if those). The room itself is just so holy shit. One wall is all window and outside of that window, I have the most amazing view of Manhattan and New York City! I've also wanted one of those. And now I have one! I have three white bookshelves on the right wall next to the huge window. My bed is in the middle of the left wall by the window and a white big desk with my apple laptop on it, next to my bed.

My room is so empty so I go downstairs to get the bellman and he helps me get all my luggage and I tip him 30 dollars cause I have so much shit. He says thank you and leaves.

I close my door after I have made sure no one is around and when I finally close it I start screaming my lungs out! It's a dream come true.

"Hey! Lacy! Shut up!" I hear Dawn scream at me from her room.

"Dawn! You know you wanna scream too!"

She doesn't respond but 7 seconds later I hear her screaming too.

First thing I do is unpack all my makeup in the bathroom. Put my shampoo and conditioner in the shower. Grab my razor, body wash, scrub, and face wash and also put that in the shower. I later move on to putting my lotions and perfumes in the cabinets but only leave the perfume I'm currently using on the island : You & I by One Direction. I then grab my toothbrush holder and cup and put it by the sink along with my toothpaste and toothbrush. I quickly brush my teeth then move on to my closet. By the time im finished with the bathroom it's been forty-five minutes. Huh. That was fast.

I got sick and tired of silence, so I grabbed my radio and Sir Sly You Haunt Me CD and click shuffle. The first song to come up is my favorite in the album which is You Haunt Me.

I start with my shoes as I sing along.

I hardly have any shoes. I really only wear converse. I put my eleven pairs of shoes away : four black combat boots, six different color converse, and my black Uggs. That took ten minutes. I'll be done in no time.

I then start with my coats. That takes five minutes since I have three. I then move on with my sweaters and woah! I have like fifteen and there all unfolded. Great. My sweaters take about thirty- nine minutes. By then I'm done with the whole Sir Sly album so I switch to 5 Seconds of Summer. Click shuffle and 18 comes on and I totally have a fangirl moment.

After my sweaters, I go on to my shirts. I own around fifty. Yikes. Dammit! There all unfolded too. In all I take about and hour and ten minutes to fold and put away my shirts.

Next album. I put The 1975 by The 1975. Hit shuffle and Settle Down comes on.

Luckily my jeans and shorts are easy. I own about ten shorts since it always rained in Oregon. And like sixty jeans. Denim jeans are my guilty pleasure.

I only have two plain white jeans and five black jeans. The rest are all denim. That takes about one hour and thirty minutes to put my jeans on the hanger then hang them, then put my shorts away.

I'm too tired for More unpacking so I'll do my books, pictures, and desk things tomorrow.

I'm kinda tired and hungry. I feel like I lost ten pounds.

I go downstairs and step into the kitchen.

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