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Love is a challenge, challange to yourself and a challange to your love.

Love is patient.

Love is a waiting of time.

Love is happiness.

Love sometimes is sadness.

Love is full of trials.

Love is confusion.

Love is just a simple happiness.

Love can be true.

Love can be fake.

Love is like a rosary full of mysteries.

Love is like an onion that makes you cry.

Love starts with a smile,then on a kiss and ends with a tears.

Love waits for a lifetime.

Love can hurt you.

Love can bring smile to you everyday.

Love is sweet.

Love is hope.

Love is unconditionally.

Love "sometimes" can remove all your problems.

Love is accepting imperfections.

Love is all about caring and respecting others.

Love him or her, let him or her go.

Love is a challenge of getting to know other people and being responsible to each other.

Love is curiosity.

Love never fails, people fails in love.

True love isn't easy,but it must be fought for. Because once you find it,it can never be replaced

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