I stare into the flashing cameras of the paparazzi.

"Josh! Who's this? What about Isabelle? What are you gonna do?" someone cries from behind a camera.

Josh's face pales. "She's... I don't know her. She's probably a rabid fangirl-"

"What the fudgecakes?" I cry. "I'm trying to keep it PG13 here, but I can tell you I have a very colourful vocabulary." I add. "This idiot happened to lose his eyesight while I, an innocent shopper had to suffer his wrath. And now, my mighty presence has stunned him so much that he has forgotten entirely how to form a complete sentence." I finish.

Josh glares at me. "Piss off." he manages.

"Are you a tall jockey?" I ask.

"What the hell? No!" he exclaims. "So get off your high horse already, jockey. Or should I say jerky?" I taunt.

His previously pale face is now bright red with embarrassment and anger.

"Bye, Jerky! Hope I never see your face again!" I call brightly, grabbing Summer and walking straight through them paparazzi.

"What the hell, Winter!" Summer cries the moment we leave Harrods.

She tries to tear her wrist from my hand, but my claws grasp her hands too hard to let go. "Goddammit." she mumbles under her breath.

I smirk. "What do you see in that douche?" I ask.

"He's perfect! You just happen to be really mean to cute guys!" Summer exclaims.

I roll my eyes. "Tyler was really cute too. He was also a douche." I point out, referring to my ex.

"Squee! You called Josh cute!" Summer squeals.

I wince. "You would make a better piglet then the actual Piglet from Winnie the Pooh with your squealing." I say, the snarky reply finding itself out of my mouth.

"Ouch. Hand over the ice already." she replies sarcastically.

After being my friend for six years, it's kinda hard not to be used to getting verbally burned every five minutes.

"Just because he's vaguely attractive does not mean I'm instantly in love with him."

Summer's confident posture sags. "Sucks." she mutters.

She may be my best friend, but she's still definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Somewhere in the array of blunt butter knives which everybody neglects and never sharpens.

Oh well.

Pulling on my coat, I step back into the nippy winter air of Hollywood.

"I still don't understand why you hate him so much." Summer moans from behind me.

You're welcome. For everything. his voice echoes in my mind.

"With your obsession, will you ever?" I ask, continuing my painfully cold expedition through the white expanse of frozen water.

"I guess not. But he's so, so, so hot!" she sighs.


Our apartment building comes into view as the trek nears an end.

Then my evilly creative mind creates an evilly creative plan.

"We're still going to the concert, right?"


Yet another cliffhanger. I did warn you.

So, does anyone have ideas for what Winter has in mind? She's so evil...

Josh is now Jerky in Winter's words. Brilliant name. And Summer... she's something.

---------> Winter Hayes to the side- she's GORGEOUS.



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