Chapter Three

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        This chapter is dedicated to Lornett for giving me the advice and making me recheck my chapters Thanks!


        Chloe's POV

        When I woke, I felt very unsettled. Not only because of what has happened to me in the past 24 hours, but because of something else. My dream! That's what it was. I suddered internally, remembering how Mark had bitten my neck just above my collar bone. Remembering the blood that had trailed down my skin.

        I realized Mark was propped up on one elbow, watching me. His hand was still on my waist, his body pressed along my back. He had removed the hand cuffs, the cuffs no where to be seen. His arm tighteded around my waist as my eyes met his.

        "Ready to go now?" he asked.

        I gave him a flat look. "I still need to change."

        That’s when the fire seized my body. I cried out, curling into a protective ball, screaming into the mattress. Mark jumped up, a worried look crossing his face. Tears leaked our of my eyes, soaking the mattress. The pain ebbed away, leaving behind a warm, unpleasant tingling. It was much shorter than last time

        My mouth felt funny. I reached my fingers and ran them along my teeth. Nothing was different until I ran my finger tips over my canines. I felt a sharp prick on my finger.

        "Ouch!" I exclaim, shaking my hand in the air like an idiot. I look at my finger. There was a thin trail of blood.

        Without so much as a peep, Mark came over and examined my finger. He went over to the briefcase and came back with a band-aid and a cotton ball. He looked up as if asking permission to clean it. I nodded and wiped a stray tear. He gently wiped the blood with the cotton ball and blaced the band-aid over it. As he bandaged my finger, the tingling eased.

        Mark then unexpectedly placed a soft kiss on my knuckles. A tingle went up my arm, but not in a bad way. I blushed out of embarrassment, looking away. I almost yanked my fingertips from his gentle grasp, but an unknown force stayed my hand. His hand left mine, my body suddenly cold. When I looked back, he had walked across the room and grasped a bag of clothes.

        "Here are some clothes that you can change into." He looked away from me and held out the bag. I grabbed the bag and scampered over to the bathroom, locking the door.

        There were a selection to choose from. For my bottoms, I had another pair of shorts, leggings, or jeans, all in my size. I decided on the jeans. For the tops, I had a tee-shirt or a long-sleeve both in a teen boy size. Probably his I thought. I sighed, confused. He was supposed to be a kidnapper, right? I don't think this is how a kidnapping is supposed to go... I sighed again, knowing asking myself these questions was pointless. I decided on the long-sleeve. There were no underclothes, and I was relieved, because that would have been awkward. After I was done changing, I threw my old clothes away and gave the rest back to Mark.

        "Comfy?" He asked

        "Very," I said, sarcastically. He took off his sweatshirt and wrapped it around my shoulders. "Thanks," I said slowly, eyeing him

        "No problem," he said, smiling at me. I gave him an odd look. Why is he bing so nice? This is not how normal kidnappers do things.

        He lead me to my side of the car, opening the door for me. I stood there and crossed my arms. He scowled at me, then sighed.

        "What now, Chloe?" he asked impatiently. He shook his head at me, probably from a private thought.

        "Where are we going? Why did you take me? What the hell?" I asked him through gritted teeth. I was confused, homesick, angry, and something else I couldn't Identify. I just went with the feeling.

        "I..." Mark faltered, searching for words. "It's... hard to explain."

        "I don't care. Explain," I demanded, slowly backing away from him, as not to alarm him. He must have noticed. I had reached a point where there was about three yards between us. His eyes widened in comprehension, and he took a step towards me, an arm outstretched. I felt much more confidant than I felt.

        "Chloe," he warned, coming closer. I scampered away from his touch, going around the car. Mark let out a growl as he followed me. I continues to keep the distance between us. "Chloe! Stop!" he barked at me.

        I smirked at his obvious frustration. "Or what?"


        Mark's POV

        I could see the gleam of amusement in her eyes as well as caution and fear as I continues to trail her around the car. "Chloe! Stop!" I was getting agitated without having her near me. It was difficult to say the least. I hated her running away from me, making her fear me. I glanced around to make sure there was no one to witness our little skirmish.

        She smirked. "Or what?"

        That did it for me. Once I got to the center of the driver's side of the car I backed up and few yards, Chloe matching me step for step. Her eyes widened as realization of what I was about to do. She turned and ran. I ran at full spead at the car, jumping unnaturally high and sliding across the roof.

        "I'm coming," I whispered.

        Hello, my lovely readers. This chapter is a it short. I made these first... 8 (?) chapters when It was July-August-ish. I've read a lot of different writing styles since then, so now I'm revising as I got along, after the copy and paste thing. I'm making the story different, but not the general story, just the little things. I'm also adding Mark's POV, so it will be a challenge. I hope you guys like it. And as always, I'm open to advice. Remember to Vote, Comment, and Share. Have a nice day!

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