Chapter 10

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Jack G's pov

"Sam what are you doing"I asked hanging out with him.He said he wanted to do something to make it up for the months he missed being there for me.Jack was doing something and everyone in my family is busy,and so are the boys.

"Well you wanted to go baby shopping with me"Sam said still playing with one of the baby toys."My back is killing me"I moaned.It was painful."Doesn't Jack rub it for you"Sam said rubbing my back."I would be dead before he would do that"I said.

"I have a question"I said."Yeah"Sam answered."Am I supposed to be having a baby shower"I asked."Yes,but don't tell anyone I told you,act surprised,your mom worked really hard to keep it a surprised"Sam said.

"No she didn't she called everyone right in front of me,I may be pregnant,but not blind,and not deaf"I joked sarcastically.

"Your mom just feels bad,she knows the doctors want to put some hospital equipment in her room,and that's the only reason why Molly and Laura are sharing a room,because Freda needs medical equipment in with her,and a lot of it"Sam said.

"I know"I said.We talked about having a respiratory system in her room,we found out when I was hospitalized that her lungs might not work as well as other babies or kids,I don't like talking about it though.

Her ears are in pretty bad shape,all she has are basically holes in her ears.I started to cry and Sam opened his arms to hug me."I can't do it"I confessed."Everyone thinks I can have a baby and make it work,Everyone thinks I am so blessed,while my head is a complete mess"I confessed again."When the kids bullied me at school I did everything I could to hid her,but when the teachers started pounding on me too,what can you expect"I confessed again all my feelings were coming out.

"Hey Freda your strong,right,and your Daddy's strong"Sam said to Freda encouraging both of us.

"Come on we have to go now"Sam said meaning to the baby shower.

Jack J's pov

"Katherine I don't want to sound rude,but he really doesn't want this"I said while she was getting everything ready."We talked,I told him it would be for Freda"His Mom was crazed at this point.

Jack and I we're trying to work things out,we really were,but things were tough,especially when your hear the odds of your child having special needs is a 1 and 3 chance of happening.That's a good chance of that happening,and I'm just 18 years old,barely starting my life. 

Jack he shows he can do,but he I hear him crying when we're sleeping in his room,we're not together,but I need a place to sleep and take care of him and his couch was getting annoying to sleep on.

I heard him crying one night,he thinks I'm sleeping,but he cries so hard and let's it all out.He's heartbroken his family won't be with him,the boys,He's terrfied to a bring a baby into this world,and you know what I can't blame him.

All the boys promised to be here,and they were,but I knew Jack wasn't going to be happy,when he walked in he was surrpised,he had some shopping bags bought from his pay check and he started crying,the bad kind,but he played it off as the good kind.

"I am so happy"He lied he started crying.All the boys new he didn't want this and how upset he truly was."I'm-going to go to the bathroom"Jack said and I followed him.

He was on the toliet,crying.I went by him,"Hey"I said and he rubbed his face."I know you didn't want this baby shower"I said.

"I don't want to be treated like a girl"Jack said."I know your not,but come on think of this as a good thing,being pregnant with my child"I said."I'm scared Jack,I'm really scared"Jack said and I hugged him."I know"I said.

"But your so strong"I said comforting as he cried."So,Who are you taking to prom"Jack asked smirking."Mallory Thompson"I said."Cute I'll be at home"Jack said trying to forget what was going on.

We went back and Jack started to fake enjoy himself,his mom felt bad,she knew it was a mistake,and should have listened to us.

Over all he enjoyed himself and he truly missed the boys,we kind of skipped presents,we didn't really tell Jack we got any just stuck them in the room.I went to put in some diapers I was supossed to put away earlier,I saw what was suppossed to be Freda's respitory system for when she's born,she might have some struggles with her lungs,and even being fed,they discussed putting a food tube in her stomach,it's a scary thought,so far my daughter has everything wrong with her,What's next her having Autism?

I love kids of all types,but Jack and I have been through enough and are hoping for the best right now,if she has Autism I will still love her unconditionally.

I know Jack told me it was okay for me to go to prom,but what if his water breaks?What if the baby decides to make an early appearance?I just want to be there for him and watch my daughter get ripped out by a bunch of doctors,while Jack's breaking my hand during labor,and I want to see her cry and all covered in cottage cheese (I know when a baby's born it's not cottage cheese all over them,but it looks like it) and blood.

I love watching her on the ultra-sound screen,I get a rush,I love watching her little face,she has the cutest nose and even though she has no ears,their perfect.

I started looking around her room,I wanted too make sure everything was perfect for her to be okay.I looked at the little elephant that Sam got her.I put it back on the shelf.I looked at the little butterfly on the wall.

The room was so pretty,the crib was so sanitary and ready for a dying baby.

"Hey"I saw a tired Jack."I am ready for for her to get out of my body"Jack said rubbing his huge bump up and down.."Me too"I said putting my hand over his,as we went to go back to the mini party with everyone else.

"Where have you been hiding"Sam asked."Nowhere special if that's what your implying"Jack said going to get some food.

"Pregnancy had him like"I went trailed on making everyone else laugh and Jack looking at me pissed.

"The pregnant guy is about the punch the idiot in the face"

~Love the ending

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