Confession 3- I Can Get Caught Up

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**Sorry for the wait you guys! I hope you like this chapter as much as I do! Lets get our party on!**

I Can Get Caught Up

Honestly, parties are like handbags. You pick a good one, then learn to hate it. This party was going to be epic, all of his parties were, so why would I expect any less? Well eventually everything goes wrong at a party, but it keeps a rep somehow.

Sliding my dress over my large bust was easy, because this partcular dress has a V cut into the neckline. I peel one piece of 2 inch long tape off of the corner of my desk. Placing the tape on the top side of my breast closest to my armpit, then attach to the fabric. Repeating it on the next breast. My boobs look more plump and stay in place better.

"You look perfect," Tess says on que.

"Oh honey," I stick my nose up and run my hands over every curve, "I know."

She smiles and thinks to add in a suggestion, "Why don't you ditch the undies, and lighten up on the boob tape. Maybe tonight will be the night. You just want to be as natural and hot as possible."

"Why don't you get a boob job, and have your vjay tightened?" I snap. How dare she suggest that I do anything less than perfect.

"Sorry," she mumbles.

"What was that?"

"I'm sorry. That was stupid of me to say."

"Yeah it was."

I can't believe I didn't think of that. I mean, ugh, come on. No panties? It's perfect classy, yet trashy. Intricate, yet careless. As she slips out of the room to find her straightener.  I slide my finger under my thong fingering my self, letting my knees get weak, then pull a black thong off of my thighs letting it fall the rest of the way. It meets my feet, and I step out. Hailey walks in wearing a slutty little black dress with her makeup done heavily, and her boobs spontaneously bobbing up and down.

"Hi," she giggles.

"What are you wearing?"

"A dress! Don't you think it's way hot?"

"Mmhmm," I say with a questioning look on my face.

"I mean look at these," shes says grabbing at her boobs,  "they look gorgeous. And I pulled a quicky with that hot new foreign guy, my nipples are still hard as fuck!"

"You are a total slut."

She doesn't even notice what I say, as she looks into the mirror rubbing her butt. She hikes the dress exposing at least half of her undergarment less ass. A giggle erupts from her throat for no reason at all.

"Have you been drinking?"

"Oh god no!" she says in shock, "I just did a little coke. We're fine!"

Just then I see a "little coke" fall from her ass. Damn. Shes insane.


As we walk up the steps to the party, a total stoner jumps out of the bush screaming, "WHATS THE PASSWORD HOES!?"

  Hailey starts to step forward, but I shove her down two steps. She is such a big assed bitch. She thinks she rules the school, um no. I am the perfect one, remember!?

Getting very close to the stoner I take a deep breath, catching a buzz. Then I whisper in his ear, "Your cock."

I grab his manhood with one hand, thrusting as hard as I can. He falls back in the bushes. I chuckle.

"Spit," I tell the girls. They glide by him laying a lipstick tinted wad of saliva on his sack.

This is the perfect way to start a party! With drama, action, and stoners! As we walk into the party I see something I've never seen at any decent party before.


They are everywhere. We cannot escape. I search the crowd for Jacob, the host. Grinding asses hit my wide hips as I push threw the crowd. Cheap music plays loudly. People guzzle from "red solo cups." Sex on couches. Swinging from chandeliers. Sliding down the stair case. Throwing up in vases. What is this. Girls dressed in tight t-shirts and denim cut offs stumble in knock off wedges. What the fuck. Are we in hillbilly central?

Finally I see him, and I can't deny it: he is sexy. He is wearing a Diamond Supply Co. shirt with kacky cargo shorts, and Vans. The shirt hugs his muscles as he twists his body. His stellar brown eyes seduce freshman hotties, and his swift hair makes me weak.

"Hi," he says as he walks closer.

"What is this?"

"A party! You girls are so used to simple parties, well welcome to what real highschool is all about!"

"And what's that?"

"It's about beer, not wine. It's about asses, not assets.  It's about fun, not chuckles. IT IS THE HIGHSCHOOL EXPERIENCE. ACCEPT IT!"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. Now lets ditch the ditzs' and go get some beer, and maybe something else for you to wear?"

Who does he think he is? Seriously! I turn around to look for backup from the minions, but Hailey is on top of some guy grinding; and Tess is dancing with a cutie. I give in, even though these ways are petty, I must please the people in which surround me.

"Fine, only this once," I say sticking my nose up into the air.

He gives me a toothy smile, and grabs my wrist, leading me to an upstairs bedroom. It is decorated with navy and white stripes, and sailor decor. A canopy bed sits in the middle of the room, with bench seating on either side of it. A large door with beautiful carvings on the frame slid open as he punched around on a touch-screen keypad. It was all so amazing.

"It's my sisters room," he says seeing my bewildered look, "I'm hacking into her closet. She loves her clothes so yeah it's all fucking locked."

I nod in understanding as he leads me through the door into a giant walk-in closet. It has one wall devoted entirely to shoes, and another for purses. Its hexagonal shape is unpredictable, but perfect.

"Here you go, these should fit you."

I stare at the piece of denim fabric. My ass was going to hang out more than in my favorite pair of short shorts. He makes a pleased sound, and throws a cute strapless flowered cropped top at me. I look over the wall of shoes and grab some Vans.

He smiles as I tuck behind a small changing station, getting dressed.

"Wow, you look, wow-"

His breath hitches.

"Like a normal fucker!"

The denim is harsh without underwear, and my boobs are to big for the top, but somehow I pull it off. We leave the room empty. The party still blasts underneath us. It's so crazy fun, in its own trashy way.

As we get into the party everything is a blur. We dance on table tops, and I grind slowly on Jacob. We dance until my thighs burn, but the beer numbs it. I see lips. I feel lips. I like lips. Shit. My cup is empty. I dance more. I see Tess. She's kissing a guy. I wonder what it would be like to be that guy. I shake the thought. I grab a cock. I dance. I scream. I sing. I grind. I party. I kiss. I see my boyfriend bewildered. I see sex scenes. I see fuckers trying to get laid. I see liquid courage. I drink. I laugh. I look at Jacob in the eyes.

"Lets go get some more drinks," Jacob whispers in my ear.


Where am I? What is that smell? Ow, why does my girl part hurt? WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?


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