Chapter8 (Baby)

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KIA POV [Jenae sister]

*- July23,2014

I woke up feeling light headed and dizzy. Today Im planning on going to visit the doctors office and pampering myself. I could use the pampering because I've been stressing all week. I told Jenae I probably wasn't going to keep the baby but Ive been thinking lately and talked to my baby's father and decided to keep the child.

I walked into my walk -in closet to search for something to wear. After what feels like an hour of searching I finally Decieded on hi-low black and hot pink dress, MK black sandals,gold bracelets,and a gold necklace with the two promise rings Sean gave me.

I parted my hair into two sections. I put each section in a french braid. My hair went reached down to my bra strap. When I was finished with my hair. I called Sean to come pick me up.

Sean and I been together for 6 years. He's my first boyfriend Ive ever had and he's the only man I've ever had my eyes on. I Had a crush on every since 5th grade but we started dating in 9th grade I was 14 . He's black and white, forest green eyes, 5'11, skinny, got a tattoo of my initials on his ring finger and I have his whole name in a heart shape on my waist.

I grabbed a water bottle and granola bar out the kitchens pantry. Im trying to eat healthy for the sake of my baby's health. I haven't really thought about what I want to have yet. Baby father wants it to be a boy no one else even acknowledges that im pregnant, maybe because I'm not showing yet. But I've told all my family members. When I told my parents that I was expecting they weren't disappointed they were just not too happy about being grandparents. I told my grandparents on my mother side and they were excited .


I got a text from Sean saying that he was outside my house waiting. So I grabbed my purse , water bottle, and keys then left out the door to enter his red range rover.

"Hi, baby. You looking pretty . Eyebrows on fleek." I snickered, trying not to laugh too much because I wanted him to know that I was mad he came a little late.

"You play so much, but hurry up because I have to be there in 20 minutes and it takes us 30 to get there." I said popping my gum and looking in to the mirror, trying to fix my hair.

"Damn, I cant get a thankyou, a hi, or a kiss back?" He poked his lip out.

"NOPE" I saide popping the p.

He started making sobbing noises with his pouty face.He always does this when he wants me to do something for him.

"Uggh, fine" I said finally giving in.

I turned his face towards me and kissed and pulled on his bottom lip. He then slipped his tounge in my mouth and I started sucking on it. He grabbed my waist pulling me on top of him straddling him. I kissed down his jawline to his neck and started sucking and biting on it.

"Aye, dont start none you cant finish" he said with his New Orleans accent. See that alone right there got my panties wet. Y'all see why I'm pregnant now dont y'all?

"Oh, I can finish it alright."I said kissing his lips while unzipping his pants. I then slipped my hands in his pants and grabbed his manhood and tried to pull it out but he grabbed both my hands and pinned them down.

"Babe, stop we gone miss your appointment."

I shrugged"I dont give no fuck_ " I said mad as fuck_. He playing with my emotions.

He gave me a death glare.

"Fine!" He get on my damn nerves. Teasing me and shit_ and then gone stop.

Jenae pov

"HI Boo!" Monique loud self said.

"Hey,Mo" I said hugging her not to tight.

"My doctor told me that I might be leaving earlier than when Im supposed to leave. He said that my therapy sessions have been going well."She said cheerful.

"That's good, boo. I miss yo so much. Cant wait til you leave here I miss my bestfriend and us hanging out."

"I know man, we're going on a shopping. Spree the first day I leave here. I Could use it.I look dead." She said pointing to herself.

"Girl, no you dont. You look beautiful. That breath is on 10 tho"I said holding my nose.

She gasped. "Bitch, quit it.It smell like watermelon & strawberries because thats all Ivebeen eating since i got here."

"I was kidding "I said as I scanned the things that was on the coffe table. I saw a picture drawing of what looked like Monique swinging on a swing, A man and a little boy playing football & a brown skin lady with big curly hair sitting on a bench looking into a hand held mirror putting on lipstick.

"Who drew this?"

"Matthew 's little brother. Thats me on the swing, matt & his brother playing football, and then I dont know who that is with the mirror. Matt rushed chris out when he was trying to explaining the picture claiming they had somewhere to be. "

"Matt has a little brother?" He never told me about a little brother.

"Yup, name Christopher. Now that I think about it this girl looks like you but you guys never met right?" She looked up at me crossing her arms under her chest.

"No, we haven't " Matt never told me anything about him having a little brother. He talks about his grandmother & father all of the time though.

I Grabbed my phone that was on the coffee table and searched for Matt's name on facebook.

"Thats what I thought. So whats new?"

"Nothing really, Kia's pregnant thats about it. "

"Oh my god girl, she know who the baby daddy is right?"

I chuckled "Yes girl,my sister is not a Slut."

"I know,tell her I said congratulations. But guess who else has a baby on the way?"


"Matthew "

I looked up from my phone to study her face expression. It was blank.


"Matt, you know my friend? The one we were talking about earlier. Yup he expecting a baby with his on and of girlfriend.

"He claims that he isthrough with her but i dont know. "





"Are you okay?" She said coming towards me

"Yes, im fine. " No I'm not.

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