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I stood outside of the large brick house. After loads of evidence and asking around, this was the house of Carlos Unparo.

Slowly, I walked to the door. My knocks were light and timid. The gun I carried on my waist felt heavy and foreign.

"Who is it?" A light voice called from behind the door.

"It's C- Sarah. I'm here to see Carlos." I said remembering that I couldn't give my real name.

The door swung open. A tall thin model built girl stood before me. She had beautiful clear deep caramel skin and chinky eyes. Standing in her presence made me feel insecure.

"Uhm, come in." She said stepping aside.

I walked into the house, and gasped. It was beautiful. A large chandelier was above me. The staircase was wooden and coiled.

"Dad!" The girl screamed.

I followed her through the hall. We stopped at a door which led downstairs.

"He should be down there." She said walking off.

I gulped and walked down the steps.

Los sat at a table counting money. A fat cigar clung to his lips as he wore a permanent mean mug.

"Hey, dad." I said with a grimace look.

His eyes shot up and he glared at me in disbelief.

"What the fuck do you want?" He said standing to his feet.

"I see you've got yourself a daughter. One you actually love. I bet you don't beat and rape her." I said angrily as I gripped the gun.

Los walked towards me. He towered of my already tall stature.

"I'll give you ten seconds to leave before I kill you." He warned.

I didn't move, or show an ounce of the fear that was bubbling inside of me.

"Talk to me, man." I said demanding he acknowledged me.

Los gripped my neck and pushed me into the wall. He held his cigar to my skin.

"Stop it!" I swung at him.

He moved the cigar away from my skin and moved back.

That was it. I pulled the gun out and pointed it at his head.

"You're a monster." I said holding the gun to his temple.

He turned and laughed at me. "What, did Bibby send you to do his dirty work?"

"Listen sweetheart and listen good, you're looking at Bibby in a good 20 years." He said putting my fingers in my face.

He was right sadly. Brandon was headed down the same path as him, but not once did I believe Brandon was as heartless.

"Leave him alone." I instructed.

Los laughed in my Face. "What makes you think I'll do that?" He questioned as he sat back down.

"Because he'll murder you, if I don't first." I snapped.

"Please, that boy is a punk." He waved me off.

"Like you." I said trying to get under his skin.

"You were there, you seen what they did. You didn't stop them. Why? Because you're a punk." I added walking behind him.

"You sit up on this throne all day, but you're so weak. You're scared Brandon will overpower you. You beat me because you know it'd make him vulnerable."

My eyes gazed deep into Los'. He was silent.

"You're a persuasive motherfucker." He said trying to act unbothered.

"Well I am my father's daughter." I replied quickly.

Los pushed me away from him. I stumbled back.

"Get out." He screamed.

It took me a minute to realize why he was angry. Los didn't like when I acknowledged him as my father.

"Oh, are you angry daddy? Tell me why was I put aside? Hmm?" I poked at him.

He grew increasingly angry.

"You want to know the real reason?" He shouted.

"You killed your fucking mother!" He said into my face.

I shook my head. It was impossible. My mother, candace said he'd gotten her pregnant.

"All that shit Candace feeds you is a fucking lie. She's your aunt you fucking demon." Los said holding me by my neck.

"W-What?" I cried a bit.

"Your mother wasn't ever supposed to have children, then a miracle happened. The doctor advised her to get an abortion but she was so adamant about keeping you. While she was in labor, she died." He said breathing heavily out of his nose.

"I'm not stupid, I know you're just trying to get to me." I said trying to stay strong.

"Fine, believe what you want, but ask Candace who Cynthia is." Los said sitting on his chair.

I froze. Was he right? Had I found my father and lost my "mother" in the same week.

"This isn't over." I said running up the steps.

I bumped into the girl who answered the door on my way out. She cursed at me but I didn't care. My life was a jigsaw puzzle and it needed to be put together.

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