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[Most recent decree dated 12/12/2014]

The Fateful Olympics are officially closed!! A huge congratulations to all of our medalists in the fanfiction, fan art, and Book II cover contests, and a great big thank you to all of my dear Fatefuls who have made the Olympics so fantastically fun :D

All fanfictions can be found in the "Fates Fanfics" reading list on _Ahna_'s page, and all fan art and Book II cover entries are posted on The Fates Fan Art Pinterest page (link in _Ahna_'s profile)! I hope you'll check them out :)

In other news - I will get to writing Book II as soon as I can and will definitely keep you all posted with any progress ^.^  In the meantime, I hope you'll check out the Sneak Peek at the first scene of Book II, posted at the end of Book I ;)  Thank you!!


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Thread 1
: FANDOM RANDOM - discuss anything & everything Fates-Fandom-related right here!

Thread 2
: #Cloder ♥ - bond over shippin' this couple!! I know (the vast majority of) you do ;)

Thread 3
: Fangirls Unite/Fight! - Who's the hottest guy in The Fates & why?
Are you a Ryhard... Dangirl... Axelholic... [clever name for Eldor fangirl]?

Thread 4
: If you could be one of the Fates, who? And what would YOU do with her powers? ;)

Thread 5
: FRIENDZ - make some!! Just stop by and say hi if you're lookin' to chat! If you want to, you can even talk about non-Fateful stuff, and promote/support each other's stories!

Thread 6: Ancient & Modern Adventures - which are your favorite settings/ scenes so far? Bond over shared favorite moments across time & space :)  (Thanks @ReadItAlready for the thread suggestion!)

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