Chapter 5 : Just Because I Got One A Doesn't Mean I'm Shakespeare

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"Are you going to tell me what happened now?" Bella and I watched White Chicks, The Heat, and eventhough she hates horror movies, we watched The Conjuring and Dawn Of The Dead just for me.

"I just feel really frustrated that even on my first assignment I can get a C grade and you know what I went through to get here"

My vision got blurry and I didn't want to cry again. Bella's eyebrows furrowed.

"Annabelle Leigh-Ann Parks, get your ass up!" I got a shock and abruptly sat up.

"For what someone like you went through, it is already amazing that you made it to college. Anna, one bad grade does not determine your whole future and for god's sake you didn't even fail. Babe, I know you feel like you can't afford to make any mistake or you'll screw up all your hard work but failures are what make us more wiser and stronger and think better. I love you man, you're my best friend. I would say you're my other half but I'm lesbian and that would be weird considering you're straight." I chuckled a little.

"All I'm saying is, if you need help, go ask for it. If your stupid Baldwin doesn't help you, then ask your friends or anyone who gets good grades. Anna, high school was hell for you because of your learning disabilities but you came through. In college, where the stakes are higher, I wanna see that Anna again. Not this weakling. Where is my strong ass warrior princess Anna?"

She was right. She always knew how to get me back up on my feet.

"Bella you're right! If I can make it through high school, I can do anything and college is no exception. Thankyou my sweet Rosabella, you always come through for me i love you"

That definitely made me more confident of myself. I knew what I had to do and I won't let anything get in my way.


I was already in school and I swear to god it keeps getting hotter and hotter everyday. Currently its atleast 60 degrees outside. I wore a loose tank top and high waisted jean shorts with my gladiator sandals and put my blue hair up in a bun. I was hounding Hannah with questions about the Agatha Christie assignment and I was on the verge of screaming at her because that girl does not know how to teach.

I gave up and buried my head in my hands. Luke and his friends came in and I realised that Luke had a lip ring.

Holy Hotness.

Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton always sat behind me and Hannah. I forgave Michael after he brought me some white roses and double chocolate fudge cake.

Oh the chocolatey goodness.

When stupid Mr Baldwin came in and started the lesson, I tried paying attention but the image of Luke'd lip ring kept distracting me.

Oh my god.

Luke got a an A on that assignment too. I could ask him. Holy shit yes.

I immediately got up from my seat not caring about Mr Baldwin and sat next to Luke. Michael, Ashton, Calum and Hannah's faces were priceless. And so was Luke's.

"Psst Luke, can you help me with this?" I whispered as Mr Baldwin carried on with his lesson.


"Firstly I don't care. If I need help, I don't like to waste time. And secondly, you don't have to listen to this you are a genius" I mirrored Luke's expression just to mess with him.

"Firstly just because i got one A doesn't mean I'm Shakespeare." I literally burst into a fit of laughter.

"And secondly, why should I help you?" Luke smirked making his dimple evident and his lip ring.

Oh dear lord save me from this sexy torture.

Luke suddenly turned to his friends and whispered "Hey guys Anna wants me to teach her"

All the boys burst out laughing and I was there rolling my eyes at their childish behaviour.

"I will teach you if you promise to give me back something in return" Luke wiggled his eyebrows and I honestly was lost. What could he possibly want from me?

"Anna, give him a night he won't forget"

"Anna make sure Luke protects himself"

"Don't scream too loudly when Luke 'teaches' you"

I was so lost. I didn't get what they were trying to say until...

"Anna will you give Luke a bl-"

"Complete that sentence and I will personally castrate you with my kitchen knife which ia the same brand of knife that Gordon Ramsey uses for cutting up MEAT"

That definitely shut them up. Their expressions turned from amused to horrified within seconds and it took so much from me to not laugh in their faces. I always hated it when boys made sex jokes in front of me. I don't know why though I mean it's kinda normal but for me, it's like they don't respect women when they say stuff like that.

"Luke for god's sake, tell me what I did wrong for this paper?"


"Why not?"

"Because there's nothing right to begin with"

"Okay then tell me what about it is wrong genius"

"Why are you even asking me. Ask redhead"

"She can't teach and her name is Hannah, not redhead. Have some bloody respect"

And with that I walked back to my seat pissed. The other three boys "Ooooooooohhhh-ed" and made fun of Luke for pissing me off. If I was not wrong I saw Michael glaring at Luke too. I wonder why. I folded my arms and Hannah didn't think it was suxh a good time to talk to me.

Luke is an idiot I hate him.

It was finally lunch and I walked to Bella's car with Hannah. She was following us for lunch. I saw my fashionista walk out the door with 3 guys behind her carrying her things. Hannah and I laughed to ourselves. Typical Bella. Using boys for their immaturity and sex driven brains.

But she was walking with someone else too.

A girl.

A hot girl.

This definitely needed some explaining.

"Hey girls, this is my new friend Savannah and is it okay if she joins us for lunch?" Bella seemed off. She seemed nervous. Bella never gets nervous.


Hannah and I exchanged glances then shrugged. I called shotgun as usual and Hannah and Savannah sat at the back. We were on the road to Burger King when a car turned and almost hit us. We gasped and Bella was beyond furious. When I looked closer it was Luke who was driving the car with Calum, Michael and Ashton sitting in the car.

Bella got out of the car and began walking to the boys' car.

Her dad did not teach her and I boxing for no reason.

This is going to get very ugly very fast.

I was already dialing 911.

Not for Bella but for Luke.


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