He's Back

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He’s Back?

Clarisse’s Pov

 One day, I was bored. I wanted to go toss Prissy into Death Lake for entertainment. And that is exactly what I did. It was funny at first. But now, I regret it. He died.

Annabeth’s Pov

I’m so sad. Percy died. I mean, it was funny at first when he was blind, deaf, drunk, would faint at certain times, when he just couldn’t talk for some reason, and when we had to lock him in a chamber because he was a bit drunk because he fell in to Death Lake. But it wasn’t funny when I found out that he was going to die in 10 minutes.

Thalia’s Pov

Okay, okay, I guess I was laughing like crazy when I saw Percy destroying camp with a club and saying “Raw!! Bugl!!”.  I guess it wasn’t his fault since he was drunk, but come on. It was hilarious. Well, not the part when Annabeth found out he was going to die in 10 minutes. But, that all changed 3 days ago. He’s back.

A/N I know, I know, incredibly short chapter and boring, but I’ll try my best to make it interesting.

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